Tuesday, February 27, 2007

2/27 Almost done packing

Just returned from outside with the dogs where I fell into a big hole in the empty lot next door. Fell right on a small sharp stump. Yikes. I'm just grateful there's no real damage, except for scrapes and mud. What a dolt!

Today I went to Walmart to buy another tub to store things in. When I got to the parking lot, a truck started backing up and nearly hit me. The driver didn't even look as I was directly behind him. Luckily he was very old and very slow, so I screamed, "Stop!" and ran out of the way.

Seems like it wasn't a good day, but something good did happen. In the parking lot I saw Linda (Tom's sister). She said, "Oh, good. This will save me a trip." Then she went to her car and got a gift for me. It's a combined going-away and housewarming gift from Belk--six glasses that are adorable. Covered with different colored polka dots. I love them and can't wait to use them!

Okay, back to work. I actually only have to finish up with all my files, plus a few more clothes, and I'll be done packing. Yay!

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