Friday, February 23, 2007

2/23 NC weather

It's so beautiful here today--cool, sunny, with a lovely breeze. The smell of pine trees is lovely and adds to the beauty. I'm going to miss this place.

Taking the dogs outside in the morning is always fun. They stay in the yard, but Chilli runs around from Bella to Bobby, back and forth, trying to get them to play. One or the other always succumbs to his teasing, and the fun begins. Chilli bounces like he has springs on his feet.

A few days ago Bobby and Chilli both jumped on the couch with me, and I swear they had a pact to tickle me. I laughed so hard that I could hardly breathe.

Besides missing this place, I'm going to miss those dogs too. (Of course, I'll miss Rob and Beata. That goes without saying.)


Andrea said...

I'm sure there's a lot you'll miss about NC, mostly your kids of course. You are starting your own zoo with the arrival of Quincy! Since the move is going to be tiring get as much rest as you can now. You want to have energy for your new job in Mississippi! Good luck with everything.

Jer said...

Thanks a lot, Andrea. No need to advise me to relax. I'm laziness personified here. Here's hoping I'll get back to my old energetic self in Biloxi.

(No snarky comments, family.)