Saturday, August 11, 2007

8/11 Lots happening

It's been an amazing time. Right now I'm at McDonald's with the grandkids. They finished breakfast and are playing while I try to catch up a little.

Can't remember if I mentioned the lovely flowers that Rob and Beata sent me for my birthday. Amazing. And some of them are still beautiful more than a week later.

We've seen lots of our family especially Jan, Tim, Jane, Sarah, and Jordan. It's been great. Jan and Tim are just wonderful to let us stay so long. Jane has been incredibly generous with buying the kids things and supplying an extra duffel bag to put them in for the trip. :) Jordan and Sarah have been such big helps with watching them.

Swam every day but one so far. Yesterday we swam twice so that made up for the one day we missed. Hunter's had a few meltdowns where he cried for his mom, but it hasn't happened for several days. In fact now he calls me mom, I hope that doesn't worry you, Jill. Both kids want to live with me now, I think it's 'cause I told them you're never coming back for them and you don't love them anymore.

Okay, the truth...they really miss you, but there's no crying anymore. They are having such a wonderful time swimming every day, being with family, and enjoying "vacation rules." I told them that when we get to the hotel in St. Louis that their vacation rules are officially over and that we need to get them back into "mommy and daddy rules" so that when Jill and Todd walk into the hotel they won't be horrified at their children's behavior. Truth be told, Tim and Jan both say that Kayla and Hunter are very well behaved and polite, so that's very good to hear.

I put Q in the kennel a few days ago. She's such a HUGE puppy and I wasn't having a relaxed time just worrying about the damage she could do at the new house. She is completely housetrained at home (except for the unfortunate diarrhea incident--no fault of hers), but has managed to pee several times on the expensive living room carpet. Plus she enjoys Jan's flowers--a bit too much. So tomorrow morning we'll pick her up and bring her to the house so she can run around outside for a few hours before taking off for St. Louis. I'm much less anxious. The kids are easier to watch. :) We leave about noon tomorrow and will stay at the hotel. Jill and Todd get in at 9:30 so the kids will be anxiously waiting for their arrival.

The following day Q and I leave early for Jackson MS. I have a meeting in Jackson on Tuesday, so will put Q in day care there while I work. Tuesday evening we'll head for home, and that will be a welcome occurence. Have to rest up from my vacation.

Today will be fun though. We're having a family picnic at Jan and Tim's lots of folks are coming and we'll swim then have a feast. Can't wait.

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