Sunday, August 12, 2007

8/12 Fresh tomatoes and hot weather

It is absolutely miserable outside. So hot that I can't even enjoy walking my dog.

The good news is that Jan picked a ton of fresh tomatoes for me to take back to Biloxi. I'm thrilled about that. Have been eating fresh tomatoes practically every meal and now I have a lot more to continue that tradition. :)

Today the kids rode the tractor with Jan and a four wheeler with their neighbor Randy. So they had a great time. I picked up Quincy and she indeed did run around crazily for a few hours.

The kids didn't want to say good-bye to Jan and Tim. They loved their time visiting, and can't wait to go back.

Our trip to St. Louis was uneventful. All three of the kids (Kayla, Hunter, and Quincy) slept for the whole trip, and woke up three miles from the hotel. This hotel is nice. It's across the street from the airport, which is nice and handy.

Q just ate a half bar of soap. Can anyone say "more diarrhea"?

Jill and Todd landed in Orlando and we spoke to them. They should arrive a little after 9 tonight. The kids are thrilled. We have adjoining rooms which is very nice. In a few minutes we're going down for "cocktail hour" where the kids will have free soda and appetizers. We had such a HUGE lunch at Jan's that I believe the appetizers will be enough for dinner.

I have a new GPS. It is absolutely awesome. It also functions as my phone, so that is handy. My new toy is giving me tons of fun. Hope to figure out how to use all the functions. Blame Tim for me buying it. He let me use theirs to go to the vet, and I was hooked.

Thanks, Jan and Tim. I had a wonderful vacation. Now I just need to sleep.


rob said...

So glad your visit went well, mom. I'm sure you're going to be missing the kids, but I know you've got a lot of catching up to do too (on sleep, work, etc.)

Hope the trip back home goes well, and I hope that was a "hotel size" bar of soap and not a regular one. Quincy's not really helping her situation, is she?

It was so nice of Aunt Jan and Uncle Tim to take all of you in. I know it was really nice to see them.

Okay, give our love to Kayla and Hunter. Love you lots.


Jer said...

Thanks sweetie. The kids just put on their jammies after we took Q for a walk. We ordered pizza for dinner, so all's right with the world. :)

Cindy said...

That darn Tim...troublemaker..keep him away from Joe...he has too many "expensive" toys, and he doesn't need more.

Have a safe(quiet) trip back home. See you over the holidays...they will be here before we know it...which is good b/c I am melting and a little snow would help.

Jer said...

Yeah, but Cindy, this expensive toy has already relieved a ton of stress. And this sweet voice (by the name of Jill) says, "Leaving Jan and Tim's. Turn right on Misery V." Yeah, it sounds like misery instead of Missouri. Makes me laugh.