Wednesday, August 01, 2007

8/1 Almost time

Almost time to go out to dinner with my friend Bill from Milwaukee

Almost time to finish packing for my trip

Almost time to wake up (3:30 AM) to drive to Jackson for a meeting

Almost time for Quincy to go to a kennel in Jackson

Almost time for my vacation with my grandkids

Almost time for me to turn 60


Quincy said...

Now that your leaving, I have some time to formulate my thoughts into words. First of all, you might be a vegetarian, but I'm not. I want red meat. NOW! I have spent more time in the kennel than with you. I call the girl there mommy. WHO do I belong to? What is that humming noise when it is dark in the bedroom? I can't figure it out. I you don't want more mud on your carpet, don't forgrt the RED MEAT!

Dave said...

I think it IS time to be 60! Happy Birthday, Jer.



Hummingbird said...

Okay... waiting for the report on your birthday, the grandkids and whether you vacationed or just worked.

How are you doing and where are you now?

Avid Reader Of Your Blog said...

Jer, people are waiting to hear of your adventures with traveling and turning SIXTY!!! I know you're busy traveling and entertaining grandchildren and Quincy, but you're letting your loyal readers down, so post soon!

Jer said...

Thanks all. First time I've been able to sign on. Will update quickly. Love to all.