Friday, August 17, 2007

8/17 It never stops

Yesterday and today I presented workshops. Yesterday's went extremely well. Today's not so much....the air conditioning went off and the venue was steaming. Plus for a brief time it seemed like Hurricane Dean was turning northward, so I ended early.

Back at the state office we had a hurricane preparedness meeting and went over our hurricane response plan. So much work still to be done, but we've done a lot already. Of course we're hoping that Dean dissipates and doesn't hit anywhere else, but we're certain we don't want him here.

Tonight a bunch of friends went to Caroline's for dinner. She has a lovely old home near the beach in Gulfport. It was spared major structural damage. What damage was done has been repaired, and the place is beautiful.

I'm exhausted though and came home early. Q was good while I was gone--no damage, no accidents. Life is good.

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