Saturday, August 25, 2007

8/25 New family member

We adopted another dog today. I let Quincy make the final choice. Wanted a dog that was a little older, although those puppies were so tempting and so adorable. We settled on a chocolate lab mix. She's about a year old and was a stray. She's a lot smaller than Q, so it's obvious she's a mix.

They named her Cookie but I'm going to change it. Couldn't bring her home yet since she has to be spayed. We'll get her sometime next week.

Quincy and the "unnamed one" got along just fine. But if it doesn't work out I have seven days in which I can make an exchange. I would hate to bring a dog back, but will do so if necessary.

Can't wait to bring her home. It will be good to have two dogs. And I think at some point I'll go for three, and will stop there. But for now, two will do.

Quincy loved it at the Humane Society of South Mississippi. It's a huge beautiful facility with a big gift shop and lots of fun things. It doesn't look like a "dog pound" and is pleasant. Lots of people made over Q, which always makes her happy (me too).


rob said...

All I can say is... WOW. I'll bet Quincy will be a happy dog to have a buddy. Hope they get along. That's going to be quite a handful, but I think every dog should have a buddy.

Love you!

Jer said...

I know you do...thought about you when I picked her out. But I'd been thinking about this for quite a while. My hope is that it indeed will make Q happier to have a buddy.