Friday, August 31, 2007

8/31 A good day

The dogs are having fun, but Q keeps barking. She alternates between wanting to go out and wanting Cookie to play tug-of-war.

This morning I went looking for a new office. Our current lease is up next month and the rent is being raised. So I found this great spot in Ocean Springs that we'll probably move into in mid-September, if everything works out. Hope so.

Cookie is well on her way to become the alpha dog. First of all, Quincy doesn't much care. Secondly, we were just outside and we heard a cat howl really loudly. Q came right back to me and sat on my foot. And Cookie ran all around the perimeter of the yard, barking at the "bad guys."


Dave said...

I just spent several days with my friends Uday and Laura. They are renting a house for a few weeks and brought their lovable mutt, Jacob. Jacob has a best friend who lives next door -- a schnauzer. The schnauzer comes and knocks on the front door -- I kid you not.

How many folks are in your office? I'm amazed that this seems to be a not-that-big-a-deal. Maybe compared to DDD, it is!


Jer said...

When I arrived here we had 62 staff on the Mississippi Gulf Coast--in three locations. It's down to 27 as of today. Funding has diminished across the board for Katrina disaster work. We're at a nice size now, and are still in three locations. Most of the people in the state office are moving to one of the camps, so there will just be three or four of us in the state office. It will be administrative only. Our clients and volunteers will meet with our other staff elsewhere. So it really isn't a big deal. (Especially compared to DDD.)