Monday, August 27, 2007

8/27 A big change

Got a call from the animal shelter and was told I need to pick up the dog tomorrow. This causes me many problems. First of all, she just had surgery today and I can't take her to Doggy Day Care tomorrow. Secondly, I have to board Q tomorrow night because I have to go to a Sunrise Service on Wednesday. So poor little new puppy--I'll take her from the shelter and take her to a kennel. That will just suck. But there's nothing I can do about it. I tried to get the shelter to keep the pup for two more days, but they are overcrowded and have no room for her.

Poor little Cookie or Luxi or nameless one! (I'm going to make my final choice when I see her again. I decided not to automatically saddle her with an odd moniker.) I only spent a few minutes with her the other day, and am not fully tuned in to her. Hope everything goes well at 7:15 tomorrow morning. Will let you know.


Cindy said...

Any more and they will start calling you the crazy dog lady! (at least that is what they call woman with cats)
good luck with #2, and let us know when you 'tune in' to her and decide on the name for sure.

Jer said...

I'm sticking with Cookie because she's so sweet. :)