Saturday, September 01, 2007

9/1 Boring

Today was boring and absolutely wonderful. I'd decided to clean today, but after the pups got me up at 5:18 AM I was tired all day long. Well, at least until my two-hour nap this afternoon. It was fun--both pups curled up with me and napped as well.

So tomorrow I have to clean. Am going to Mother of Sorrows church for Mass. I've been wanting to check out this place. It's downtown and is attended by all different races, most notably Vietnamese. I also understand there are many homeless who attend there too.

Then after Mass, cleaning.

Today the pups were fun. Only bad thing is that they won't eat out of the same bowl. Cookie is possessive of her food. I can understand why. I don't have to worry about them biting anyone else though, because they both gobble down the food so fast it's almost like magic. Abracadabra, the food is gone.

The neighbor puppy finally made it under the fence into our yard. She was still connected by her chain to her own yard. I unhooked her and let her run with my dogs and they had fun. Then I brought her home and told her owner what she'd done. He covered up the hole and shortened her chain so she can't reach the fence. Now I feel horrible. I hate that she's chained up to begin with, and now the chain is shorter. Wish he'd get his damn fence done so the dog can run. He's been working on it since April. Raven is an adorable puppy. She's lonely, but has a great temperament. Ah well, there's nothing more I can do about it. Except I did say I'd pay for a doggy door to be put in the fence between our yards as soon as he finishes his other three sides. I think that will stop the digging.

While I sit here typing, the pups are behind me on the bed asleep. They play hard, but I hate that they are sleeping. That means I'll be getting up early again. Maybe I'll wake them up.

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