Monday, March 14, 2005

3/14 It was fun!!

The show went so well last night. I think it was the best I've ever done. Thanks to my friends who showed up. I appreciate it.

I'm probably going to take another stand-up class. And am thinking about the Rec League at CSz. I don't really have a team any more. So I'll need to either find an existing one to join, or start my own. I don't really have the energy to start one. Maybe that's just because I'm so swamped at work right now. I may feel differently by next month when the Rec League starts.

Am going to Michigan to do a COA site review. Will leave early Saturday morning, so I won't be able to work at CSz this weekend, but might be able to work Thursday night. I have about 10 binders worth of material to read for that visit, and I haven't even started yet. I feel like a pathetic loser. And a desperate one at that. How stupid to procrastinate on this arduous task! I've done several of these site visits and know how much work they are to prepare for.

Okay, I finished eating my Subway Vegetarian Delight, so must get back to work.

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