Saturday, March 19, 2005

3/19 In Michigan

We had six inches total of snow at my home, and it was really coming down when I left this morning. I love having 4-wheel drive. But when I went through Chicago there was no snow at all.

The drive here took about 3 1/2 hours--not too bad at all. For lunch I had a salad and a baked potato and felt pretty good about it, but now I'm chomping on chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven. The desk clerk insisted I take more than one. Plus she put me in a mini-suite. I have a king sized bed, couch, coffee table, 5--count 'em 5--chairs and a mini kitchen.

She didn't give this to me because she liked me, although she's happy I'm not a complainer. But the room I was in had the "free broadband internet connection" broken. Since I'm here for four nights/five days, it was important I got to work on the computer at a high-speed connection. She remarked something about that I wasn't mad. I said when you travel a lot you get used to things happening. I said, "It's not like you were incompetent or something. The connection just didn't work." I told her I was pleased that she realized she needed to be nice to me to make up for the inconvenience.

So other than losing two hours of my life on the phone with SBC Yahoo tech support in India, I've not lost anything. In fact, I probably gained something-- weight. Mmmmm, cookies!


Anonymous said...

You're right. A mini suite and warm chocolate chip cookies is nothing to complain about. Eat, sleep well, be happy.


Jer said...

Thanks, Gin. Breakfast was good too. It says continental breakfast, but they also have a waffle iron where you can make your own belgian waffles. Cool.