Tuesday, March 15, 2005

3/15 Payday

Just thought I'd put that in the title, because I love payday.

It's been crazy inside my little office. Today I have to finish and submit an article I'm writing for a journal, begin gathering articles and editing a newsletter, and start reading a BOX FULL of manuals. That's besides the regular stuff that pops up during the day. It's no wonder the day goes by so quickly. I do love that part of it.

The box that contains a ton of manuals is here because I'm preparing to go to Michigan to do a site visit for an agency--for the Council on Accreditation (COA). I only do this twice a year at most, but it's quite enjoyable. Except of course for carving out the time to read all the manuals ahead of the visit. Yikes.

I've been adding more music to my iPod. I think I'm addicted. Okay--I know I'm addicted. But at least it's not candy. That reminds me--I haven't had a Snickers bar since December. I think it's time. Snickers or iPod--which addiction shall I choose?

Just a few minutes ago a new staff member asked me if I performed Sunday night at CSz. Turns out her cousin's husband was in my show also. And Olivia meant to come but forgot. :) I know how that is. I meant to not eat Snickers--but I forgot. Yay for selective memory on my part. (I believe that Olivia really forgot.) Anyway, I thought it was cool that we have this connection.

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