Friday, March 25, 2005

3/25 Hey, I walked!

I actually walked today. Since I'd forgotten to bring my lunch, I walked instead. Boy oh boy did I feel virtuous. Then I ate a few Easter cookies a colleague had made. A step forward, two steps back. But sometimes that's reversed. Those are the good days.

It sure doesn't feel like late March. Or rather, it does feel like late March--in Antarctica. I shouldn't complain though. I do love Wisconsin, and when summer comes I'd much rather be in this climate than in other places I've lived. Summers here are nearly perfect. They'd be downright perfect if we didn't have mosquitoes the size of hummingbirds.

I work at CSz tonight. So I'll be able to glance at the Wisconsin game on the big screen. It's a fair distance from the box office, but the screams will let me know who's winning.

The family is getting together for Easter. But I decided to stay in Milwaukee and work, and do my taxes Easter Sunday. I know it's weird. I'm going to Quincy in April, so felt no need to push myself to get down there for a short weekend. Jealousy will erupt though. I always wish I could be with them when they're having fun.

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