Wednesday, March 09, 2005

3/9 Some things don't change

I can't see out of my window--really.

My desk is piled so high with "stuff" and I'm short. Can't see a thing beyond my desk.

That depresses me. There's WAY too much to do. But I'm taking time to charge up my new iPod mini, and I'm listening to the Chieftens, so things are looking up.

Rehearsal was fun last night and I think we'll have a good show on Sunday. Saturday I work at CSz from 5-11, so I don't know if I'll be able to make the St. Paddy's Day party that I've been invited to.

We had a silly discussion about St. Patrick's nickname last night. Two guys insisted that it should be spelled St. Patty, and nothing R and I said would change their minds. It's so funny to me, because you see St. Paddy in print all the time. I wonder why they've never seen it. I said the real name is Padraic, so Paddy fits better.

But out of this funny, smart group of 12, more than half had never even SEEN asparagus, much less eaten it. Even now I can't believe adults don't know what asparagus looks like. They were trying to mime it for a game; that's how the subject came up.


Anonymous said...

Yikes. Surely you jest. Never SEEN asparagus??? Is it a Midwestern thing? I actually saw (and ate) lots of it in Chicago... -- Gretchen

Jerilyn Dufresne, author said...

I swear, Gretchen. And these people are smart. I still can't believe it either. Jer