Monday, March 28, 2005

3/28 Avon Walk for Breast Cancer

I've started fundraising and have sent emails to some of my friends. If you're interested in finding out why my sisters and I do this event every year, you can go to my personal page at: My personal page. You can click a button right there to make a donation. What I just wrote there today:

3/28 I had to add I wrote my donation letter to send to friends, I was flooded with memories. First, being present with my grandma as she died from breast cancer. Then the memories of the men and women who make these long walks to fundraise. Some of the women have no hair, a legacy of recent treatment. And there's always someone in a wheelchair, pushed the whole 40 miles by loved ones. Then you see the signs and T-shirts--memorials to lost loved ones. It's so moving, and it's so can't help but want to do something, anything to make this horrible disease disappear.

Thanks for reading.

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