Sunday, March 06, 2005

3/6 It's SPRING in the country!

I'm having the best time with my family. We're from Quincy IL and most of the family still lives there. But sis--Jan--and b-i-l Tim--built a home right across in the Mississippi near Maywood MO. They're closer to Quincy than I am to my office, but it's just in another state. Their home is beautiful. Last night brother Jeff and s-i-l Deb, came over with 2 year old Riley Jo. Jan and Tim collaborated on a deliscious dinner, then we played games until about 11 or so. Then when others had gone home, Jan, Jane and I went into the hot tub. Tim took a few pics that I think are really decent. I'll post once I get back to Milwaukee. We ended up watching TV until about 1 AM, so I slept very well.

Today we're going to a craft show, and then run around town for a while. I don't have to be in Springfield until tomorrow. More later.

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