Monday, March 07, 2005

3/7 In a hotel in Illinois

I'm at the Hilton in Springfield IL--here for a trade show. They have a really neat business center and high speed access is free. I'm thrilled with that.

The visit with my family was so much fun. Saturday I did TaeBo with Jan and Jane, and Sunday I walked three miles with them. We're all working for the Avon Breast Cancer Walk in June. We walked from my niece Kris's house out to the cemetary where we have our annual New Year's Day beer with our parents. I got tuckered out, because I haven't been walking.

Last night Jane went back to her own house and Jan and I watched Their Eyes Were Watching God. Halle Berry is absolutely gorgeous. I know that you know this, but every time I see her, I'm struck with that fact. I thought she did a good job. But I absolutely loved the book, and the language in it is a little more colorful than on the tv screen. But my oh my they had some good kissin' between Janey and Tea Cake.

I set up the exhibit and will be greeting folks after 5:30...hope it goes well. Then tomorrow morning again; then I'll drive back to Milwaukee.

Will go back to Quincy in April when I fly by for another trade show in Kansas City. Then I'm done with trade shows for the year.

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