Tuesday, July 11, 2006

7/11 Fun stuff

First of all, my laptop was delivered. Wish I had time to set it up.

Secondly, I really hope I don't have to work at CSz this weekend. Want to play with the new computer, transfer files, and all that stuff.

Thirdly through Seventhly, I have so much work to do with the first open mic night at CSz on the 21st, memorizing my lines for the sketch festival, writing new sketches for October, writing new material for my stand-up routine, and working on the LA Avon Breast Cancer Walk (as a team leader I have some organizing and contacting to do).

Work is so busy (and interesting), but more stressful than it needs to be.

Last night's rehearsal with BroadMinded was so much fun. I love doing sketch comedy. Tonight is Open Improv and that will be fun too. Okay, back to work.


Cindy said...

I can tell you have a lot going on...this reads a little rambling...thought I had Kelly's blog at first (ramblings of a stressed out mom) Guess yours is more "ramblings of a stressed out comedic, crisis provention councelor, with a new laptop".

Jer said...

Yeah, a little too much going on at the moment. But it's all stuff I've chosen.