Wednesday, July 19, 2006

7/19 Lazy old cow

I wrote such a long post today. Took time that I really don’t have. And blogger failed. Damn. Every word is gone except the stupid title. Now I’m quickly writing a note in Word and will paste it into blogger.

I chilled out at home last night. Too tired to go to Open Improv. That’s cool because it’s not rehearsal or anything. I’d go to rehearsal no matter how tired I was. It felt good to stay home. EXCEPT I didn’t chill out quite as much as I thought I would.

Another computer problem. This one with installing software for my digital recorder. Computer said that the software wasn’t up to Windows’ standards or something like that. Crazy, huh? So I’ll have to bring my laptop into work because I need this software installed for the conference in St. Louis. I’ll be uploading all my interviews from the recorder to the computer. Damn, another computer problem. Instead of loving being a geek, I’m going to de-volve into an iconoclastic scaredy-cat.

Nah, not too much chance of that. But I sure am getting a bit frustrated.

Tonight is BroadMinded rehearsal, then Friday is open mic night. I’m the host, so the success/failure of the evening is squarely on my shoulders. When I volunteered to help I didn’t realize it would be like this. It has to be separate from CSz because some of the stand-up material isn’t family friendly. I do understand—it just feels odd. If all the comics show up it will be a good show. More like a performance than an open mic, because I know everyone (except one guy Dick told me about today).

Next Thursday I’ll go to Madison with two other comics for a showcase at Comedy on State. This will be a good opportunity too. Hope it’ll be fun.

Guess that's it for now. I need to get back to work.


Cindy said...

I think I am an iconoclastic scaredy-cat, but if I knew what the hell it meant, I could tell you for sure. Nah, I like the sound of it, no matter what it means. Break a leg

Anonymous said...

Have you tried installing the old program using Windows XP compatibility mode? Unless the program is ancient, that will most likely work. I don't know if html for links works here, but if so, you can find information about compatibility mode
(And if inserting the link that way didn't work, I just broken your blog. :) Email me if it the link isn't visible.)

Gin said...

Sorry, that anonymous was me.

Jeff said...

Good luck with both the computer stuff and the show! :)

Jer said...

Cindy, I pride myself on word usage, but this time I messed up a bit. One of the definitions of iconoclast is someone who attacks settled beliefs or institutions. So actually I meant just the opposite of that.

But you're right. It does sound good. :)

Jer said...

Gin, thanks a million. I can always count on you. I'll try re-installing it this weekend (first chance I'll have to be home for any significant piece of time). I'll let you know.

And Jeff, thanks as always for your kind support. Jer

Beata said...

I hate when things like that happen. After writing a long email or posting for my blog, sometimes it all just disappears! How annoying! I totally understand your frustration, Mom. Good luck with you comedy performances! We are so proud of you! :-)

Jer said...

Thanks, Beatka. I miss you guys, and can't wait for you to be able to see my performances. I told Rob he needs to start writing new material for me.

Beata said...

Wow, that's an awesome idea, Mom!!!! I am sure it would be hilarious... :-)))