Sunday, July 23, 2006

7/23 A good Sunday

Although my house is a mess, I got a lot done today. Spent several hours at a coffee house and finished typing up the light cues and the prop list. I'll probably have to edit after the rest of the gang sees it, but at least most of the work is done. I also put together the bios and will email them to Matt at Bucketworks tomorrow. They're for the program.

Went shopping and got my costumes for the sketches. A "duster" for my old lady poem, a man's hat for One Fine Day, a white shirt for The Grade, and a few other things. All I need now is a white wig, and I'll have everything.

When I got home I made dinner and finished the laundry. Also I took all the unneeded software off my old computer so I can give it to my sister. Made sure I deleted all my financial information. :)

So even though the house needs work, I still accomplished a lot today.

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