Monday, July 03, 2006

7/3 Working...

But it's not so bad because I'll be off tomorrow. Plus the company bought us pizza for lunch. Pretty cool. Then we had ice cream sandwiches. Certainly not on my list of healthy foods, but when did that ever stop me?

Had a lot of fun rehearsing yesterday with BroadMinded. We were at Anne's house and I took some silly pictures. They're posted online at BroadMinded's MySpace page, but I'll post them here as well for those of you who don't frequent MySpace. They're on my home computer, so will post tonight or tomorrow.

Speaking of computer--I ordered a new laptop today and it will function as my home computer too. Will get rid of my 5-year-old PC, and my 3-year-old (heavy) laptop. Got a little docking station so I can connect it to all my peripherals at home. I hate making a new bill, but need a new computer desperately. And since I need a laptop for business travels, I decided to go that route, rather than use a company-supplied laptop. That would just add to my fear of "oh god where is that file."

I'm hoping for some good weather tomorrow. Would like to use the pool for the first time this year. My schedule has been so hectic that I haven't been able to swim. Got my fingers crossed. I need to work on my stand-up routine, write some more sketches, and memorize the current sketches, so I have lots to do. Luckily the cleaners came today, so I'll have a clean house and won't be moved to do any work--except laundry.

Writing sketches isn't too difficult for me. Whether they're good or not I'll leave to others to decide. But I'm having fun doing it. Finished one yesterday called "Charity at Home." It's about an "old folks home" and Charity is a retired prostitute who lives there. I think it's pretty darn funny.

Any family want to come to Milwaukee for the sketch and improv festival August 11 and 12? I'll buy you beer. Those of you old enough anyway. The show is rated PG-13.

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