Saturday, July 29, 2006

7/29 A writers' meme

Because I'm sad that Jill, Todd, Kayla, and Hunter are now on a plane heading back toward Southern California, I decided to complete this meme, at the invitation of some writing buddies (Jeff and Jason).

The Interview Meme

Up and coming novelist, Kelly Parra, gave this meme to some friends, so I thought I'd join in too. It's called "The Blogger's Interview."

1. When did you first start blogging and why?

I started my first blog (My European Adventure) on Thursday, January 15, 2004. My company sent me to the UK on business for five months. Living as an expat was one of the most exciting things I'd done. Rather than send emails to a ton of people I decided to start a blog. January 15 was the day I left Milwaukee for Altrincham, and even the trip there was so much fun.

When I returned to the states, I changed the blog to "My life's not an adventure, but it keeps me awake. Sometimes." But that's probably not true, because I do keep having adventures.

2. What don't you talk about?

I don't say bad things about people. And not for legal reasons. First, I don't want to hurt people's feelings (well, except for my five brothers). Secondly, if I'm mad at someone I know I'll get over it in a minute and a half, but the words stay forever.

I don't talk about my sex life (or lack of it).

3. Are you and your blogging persona the same person?

Absolutely. In person, my sense of humor is more bawdy, but I don't write that way. Even as a comedian, my humor tends to be clean. I don't think people want to pay to see Grandma saying the f-word. That might be funny once. And then it's just stupid.

I'm a Pollyanna in real life. The glass is always half-full. Except for those occasions when I get homesick.

4. How do you use blogging to build friendships?

Well, back again to the UK, I met Bron through her blog (and email) and she took me under her wing when I lived there. I got to rehearse with her ComedySportz troupe, and even performed with them once at an outdoor event at a pub. We continue to monitor each other's blogs. And see each other once a year when she comes to the states.

There are several people that I "met" through blogging that I consider friends--or at least close acquaintances. And other folks whom I would never have even known about if it weren't for blogs. (Okay, I'm writing this when I'm at work on a Saturday, so can't take time to make my sentences correct, or even sensible. Live with it.)

Gretchen, I met through a comedy forum and we've been pals since I was in the UK. Anne, I met through a writers' forum and we've become friends. Jeff is a sweetie and we met via our blogs (but probably it was anne's blog where we first started talking). Sorry for all the folks I'm leaving out, but these are a few highlights.

Throughout the years, I've met TONS of people f2f that I had first met on the internet--not my blog, but through writing forums et al. So the internet, forums, and blogs have definitely increased my list of friends.

Now my son, daughter-in-law, niece, and brother have blogs. Cool.

5. How would you describe your writing style?

Although I'm a licensed clinical social worker, my full-time job is as an editor and writer. My published work appears in journals, newsletters, and magazines that aren't readily available at bookstores, but are professional in nature. That writing is more clinical, but still a lot "friendlier" than normal research articles. I write very conversationally.

My comedic writing (stand-up and sketch) is silly stuff. I aim to entertain. If people walk away thinking, well that's even better. But my primary purpose is for them to enjoy.

The manuscripts (cozies, if you must know) have been untouched for several months. Since comedy took over my life I haven't made time for mysteries. But I'll get back to them.

The bit of flash fiction I write can be dark, but always has a humorous or heartfelt edge. Guess that's it.

Bron, dear, I'm tagging you. I know you're currently doing a comedy tour of the states, but when you're safely back in Manchester, give this a whirl.


anne said...

fantastic post, jer! i hope we eventually meet f2f. i think it will happen.

Jer said...

You betcha, anne. Maybe you can make it to La Crosse for my performance in September. I don't think it's too far from you?

Jer said...

Oh, and I think I'll tag my brother Joe. Want to see what he says...

Cindy said...

I think the f-word is ALWAYS stupid, but then I am the uber-conservative s-i-l. I never ONCE heard my grandmother(s) say a 'bad' word, and would love it if my own grandchildren (pray God I have some someday) will remember the same thing about me. In fact the ONLY bad word I ever heard my grandfather say as Damn, and that was 2 days before he died, and he was gorked out on morphine. Great posting Jer...but I bet Joe hasn't got a clue what being "tagged" means, so don't expect much of a reply.

Beata said...

Mom, awesome posting! You know that it was you who ispired me to start my own blog, right?

Aunt Cindy, as for the use of bad words, you can blame Rob for teaching me all of them possible out there! In a wierd way, he really enjoys me talking like that, but he says that with my accent it doesn't sounds bad, but funny. I am trying to control myself around the family, or at work... ;-)

Jer said...

Joe, tagging means that you're "it." You need to answer the same questions on your blog.

Jer said...

Cindy and Beata--love this discussion. And Bea, your cussing makes even me smile--with your "Polmark" accent.

Cindy said...

jer and beata...i have to agree with you both (and Rob) on this is funny to hear beata accent even while cussing...But to hear her say squirrel is the best...if fact I now call them screwers to Kirby when we walk..."look Kirby it's a 'screwer', you want to get one?" It makes him laugh.

Anonymous said...

Your blog had a fascinating start! I bet that was a wonderful way to stay in touch with everyone.

Thanks for doing the meme!

Jer said...

Jason, prior to the blog I'd just written travelogs and emailed them. This was a heck of a lot easier.