Thursday, July 20, 2006

7/20 In my cave but not hibernating

I not only have my door closed today, but I also have my blinds drawn, effectively turning my office into a cave. No distractions except those of my own making. People’s voices are kept “out there,” not in here where I’m re-working an entire newsletter that wasn’t satisfactorily done.

And I wonder—did I do such a poor job? Or are other people stressed too, and viewing things through different lenses than they normally do? Probably a combination of the above.

So besides preparing for the conference, with all of my interview questions, a few more interviews to schedule, and a fairly scholarly journal to publish, I now have to redo something that I thought was already completed.

Stressed? You bet.

Good news is that I’ll have my grandkids tonight and nothing else will matter. Nothing.


Cindy said...

YOU think you are stressed...It is nice you have the OPTION of making your office a cave....I have a true cave with no windows and one door, underground at the end of the hall, and 3 of us share a space meant for ONE> And one tried to have her husband castrated(her words, not mine) last week...We don't dare turn our backs

Enjoy Kayla and Hunter's visit...oh and the parents too (hi Jill and Todd)

karen said...

Jer, I hope you had a great time with the grandkids last night. Good luck tonight at open mic night.

Jer said...

I'll write later about the visit. It was wonderful, although short.

Wow, Cindy, sounds like that's blogworthy.

Thanks, Karen. I'll let you know how it goes. How's Katie?