Thursday, October 19, 2006

10/19 Supervision in Disaster

This two-day class I wanted (Supervision in Disaster) was full and so I had to pick others. I was resigned, but at the last moment decided to see if I could get in the class after all. And the answer was "yes."

Part of the class was boring, and part was interesting. The worst part is all the homework I had to do. Still haven't finished it, but took a break for dinner. I ate in the U cafeteria and sat with Carlos who teaches criminal law at University of Madison. Very cool.

And in the class I'm sitting next to Pete who I worked with at the Kenosha fire. Across the aisle is Mary who was at Hurricane Wilma with me. And another mental health person--a retired psychiatrist, Joyce--is sitting nearby too. We're the only mental health folks in the class.

I'm learning so much and am very pleased I'm here.

Saturday morning early though, my friend Shawn is coming over to help me pack a bit. She wanted to start at 7 but I'm not getting in until Friday night so we compromised on 8 AM. I have to figure out where to stack the boxes because there's an open house on Sunday.

While that's happening I have to finish a project from my old job. I promised I would have it done.

I'm so beat and can't wait for my vacation in North Carolina. Hope my condo sells soon.

Monday my new job starts but I doubt I'll be called right away. Also Monday my car goes in the shop for two days. Tuesday morning I'm going to sleep until noon. I promise.


Beata said...

Mom, your training sounds really interesting, and it might be nice that you are there with people you already know. That's great! I wish all that was over though, and you could come here and finally relax.

Jer said...

After the day I had today, I wish I was in NC too. Someone must buy this condo--then I can really relax. :)