Thursday, October 26, 2006

10/26 What happened to yesterday?

Can't believe I didn't post. Was at Panera Bread and worked on the computer, but completely forgot about my blog.

Tuesday I had lunch with Nancy and it was awesome--like 10 years had absolutely disappeared. We were such close friends when I lived in Milwaukee in the 90s. Then she got married and they went to do missionary work in the Dominican Republic for two years. We stayed in touch sporadically. They've been back here for about three years or so. While in the DR they adopted a beautiful Dominican girl named Maria. She's five now. So Nancy is so busy with family and especially a young, vibrant child. We've just not gotten together. And Tuesday was magical. And I laughed so hard. Loved it. I'm going to go visit Nancy and Hank (and Maria) on Sunday while my open house is going on.

Tuesday night I went to Open Improv at Bucketworks. It was awesome. A new teacher (and pal of mine), Adam, really is giving us lots of new stuff to work on.

Yesterday I had lunch with Tony, and it was super too. He's a writer friend of mine, although we met in 2002 in a CSz class. We've stayed friends and have lunch every now and then. We were also in a writing group together for a while. Anyway, lunch brought a lot more laughter, and I dared him to visit me in NC. He's as thoughtful as I am impulsive. So we'll see if the dare takes root. Oh, he volunteers with the red cross too, so we have that in common. He's 20 years younger than I am, but we have such fun together. Nice guy.

Today I got my hair cut and am sad to be leaving Stacy. She's cut my hair for 10 years. And also listened to my stories. She knows my family as well as close friends do. I always tip her well for being such an attentive listener. :) And she always laughs at the right places. Great gal.

Got my car yesterday and instead of costing $1100 it cost $450. Boy, was that ever good news!

And I got another estimate from a moving company. Will make my decision this afternoon. Now I'm in Barnes and Noble enjoying a cup of decaf Americano. Will have to go home soon and get busy though. Am wrapping Christmas presents so I can ship some to LA, and leave the Quincy ones there when I drive through. Because there's an open house on Sunday I can't do too much regular packing anyway. Monday I begin SERIOUS packing! Wednesday and Thursday evenings Tony and Megan are coming to help me. Because of my back injury I asked Tony if he'd help lift some boxes for me. Can't afford to re-injure it.

So much going on and I still haven't done a lot of work. Too busy saying goodbye to friends, I guess. I'm really going to miss Milwaukee, but I can't wait to be with my family.


Jill & Todd Potrykus said...

Great news about the car. Love you.

Beata said...

That must have been a great relief with the car! Wow, good for you. More money to spend at Starbucks! ha!ha!ha! Mom, you are so busy that I got tired just by reading your blog. I can't wait for you to get here. I have a great hair stylist--she is awesome! Love you!

Jer said...

Thanks to both of my sweet daughters. Beata, I even dreamed last night of NC. You weren't in it, and neither was Rob. Weird, huh?

Beata said...

Maybe because you will find love here!!!! yeaaahhh! :-)

Jer said...

You are a silly, silly kupka.