Monday, October 23, 2006

10/23 Interesting day!

Today is Jim and Karen's 13th anniversary, Mom and Dad's anniversary (would be 60 years), and Grandma and Grandpa Kuhlman's anniversary (gosh, would have been about a million years I estimate). It's a great day for weddings, that's for sure. Happy anniversary, Jim and Karen! I still smile when I recall the reception. Wow, what a party! And Robbie looked so cute holding the bouquet outside your house.

I packed up some other stuff for my friend Shawn's yard sale. She's going to get a lot more stuff from me too. Wow, I accumulate a lot of stuff (euphemism for junk).

Talked to Mary Jo today. She wondered if I'd be interested in performing with BroadMinded one last time before I leave. I had to decline. There's so much going on right now that I need to take care of, that carving out rehearsal time would be difficult. Plus I plan to leave right after the movers do, just so I'll have another day in Quincy. Leaving on Saturday the 11th would cut short my weekend there.

Also, they gave me the perfect send off after we performed a few weeks ago. I still get teary-eyed thinking about it. It was such an awesome show, and the sentiments were heartfelt. I'll carry that with me.

The first mover came today and I'll get the estimate tomorrow. Then the second guy comes on Wednesday. I'll be glad to get this settled.

Talked to Tony today too, and we'll have lunch on Wednesday. It'll definitely be fun, but hard to say good-bye.

Enough boredom for now? Want to come help me pack?

(Editing to add: Today I'm officially an employee of the American Red Cross.)


Cindy said...

Does that make you "Jer of Arc"?

Jer said...

Good one, Cindy.

Did you know that we almost named Jill (our sister, not my daughter) "Jean d'Arc" after St. Joan of Arc? Of course it was pronounced "zhawn dark" in the French manner. It was because of a priest who was stationed at St. Francis at the time. His name was Father Isaac Jogues (did I spell that right, Jan?). I remember him talking to Mom and I right before Jill was born. Mom considered it--okay, she considered it for about a minute and a half, but she did consider it.

David said...

You kind of buried the lead here.

Congrats, official Red Crosser!

Jer said...

Guess you're right. Thanks, DF. See you soon. In one week actually--it's getting here fast.