Monday, October 30, 2006

10/30 Starting to panic

I have so much to do and am way too lazy for my own good. Got some stuff thrown away this morning, and just finished having lunch with my friend Bill. I'm really going to miss him. But he travels so much that we're sure to meet somewhere along the way. The beauty of email is that you can always stay in touch so easily, no matter what.

Having some iced tea at Panera's and catching up on email, then home to get busy again.

Tomorrow morning Nancy is coming by to help me, and tomorrow night I have my last Open Improv, followed by karaoke at the New Yorker. That's a great memory for me to take with me. Comedians are pretty damn funny at karaoke.

I guess it was a rotten Open House on Sunday--not one person came through. Sigh. No comment on that. Of course, no one in Wisconsin would go to an Open House while the Packers were playing. Maybe we should only hold one when the Pack has a bye....

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Jeff said...

Sorry about the Open House. Have fun tomorrow night! :)