Wednesday, October 04, 2006

10/4 Yeah, I'm fat

Just got back from my "bye-bye" visit with my doc. I've gained 10 pounds since June, 2005. It's time to get serious again.

The great news is that my cholesterol is good now. In fact, she was jumping up and down at two of the numbers.

Blood pressure 102/70 and that's when I'm stressed out. Don't know why, but I'm so frakking proud of my blood pressure--as if I had anything to do with it.

And I just spilled some salsa all over my shirt. Yay--the dork strikes again.

After today I only have seven more working days. Then poverty descends. (I just said that to torment my brother.)

Finally some pictures of my condo are online. So I hope that the open house on Sunday will be successful--I'll be somewhere sucking down caffeine, writing, and praying.

Tonight we have rehearsal. The show is getting so close. Starting with Saturday we have practice every night until the show on Friday. I'm very excited about the show, but it will be bittesweet--leaving the troupe will be harder than leaving my home. Odd, but true.


Gin said...

I've got you beat. Neener, neener! I've put on 6 pounds two months. So there! Um, wait a minute! This isn't one contest I want to win.

All kidding aside, with all that's going on, now is going to be a rough time for you to get serious about pounds. I'll keep you in my thoughts. Otherwise, kudos on the checkup.

Jer said...

You probably have eaten more with Jim off doing book tours and such. :)