Monday, October 02, 2006

10/2 Thunderstorms

Have been up most of the night. Every line of thunderstorms in the nation decided to pass over my bedroom. Normally I love storms, but not when they shake the room. Maybe I'm exaggerating the tiniest bit, but the thunder is so loud and the lightning so bright that sleep is impossible. Finally got out of bed at four, and will try to get some work done before I go into the office.

This will be a hell of a long day--work 8-5, then rehearse 7-9. I hate being this tired.


Beata said...

Mom, try to take a nap whenever you can. I hate to hear that you are so tired. I know how those thunderstorm can be, especially here, in NC! Love you! :-) (only few more weeks...)

Jer said...

Hi, hon. I'm at work--got here early. Perhaps I'll even have some caffeine today, who knows?

Anonymous said...


Storms enter our lives all the time. We can be scared of how they affect us, or we can be not afraid. I also am not sure what you are doing is right with the job, but this storm will pass if you believe that you can do it. I have decided to support you in what you are doing. If you need anything give us a call. We love you and pray for the best.


Jer said...

Thanks, little brother. I love you guys too.