Saturday, June 14, 2008

6/14 A beautiful day

I've had a great day with my dogs today. I kind of devoted the whole day to them. Tomorrow I'll feel worse emotionally but better physically. (I've felt bad since the walks.) I have everything of theirs packed up, except Cookie's portable crate that she sleeps in. I think the dogs are picking up on my anxiety because they are more squirrelly than usual. Plus they both keep coming up to me, sitting, and just staring at me.

Some nice news--Cindy gave me a whole bunch of leaf lettuce from their garden and I made a huge salad with tons of good tasting veggies. Thanks again, Cindy. The lettuce was tasty.


Cindy said...

I'm glad you could put it to use. Joe got all those starts from a guy at work so we planted them all even though I am not sure we have ever grown lettuce before. Good Luck tomorrow with the dogs. Sounds like they are going to be in a place with lots of room to run and play, which is better for them.

Jer said...

It was REALLY good.

And the dogs are wild this morning. They know something's going on. But they'll find out that it's a good thing.