Sunday, June 29, 2008

6/29 More family fun

Last night we went to dinner at Tony's Too, and then went over to Kelly and Todd's so everyone could visit. It was fun.

Today it was raining off and on, but our reunion went off without a hitch. Gus was a big hit. And lunch was really good.

For dinner we all went to Matt and Beth's and ordered pizza. Gus was adorable with their huge Huskie, Storm. And all the little kids really had fun with him. Right now he's passed out on the bed.

Unfortunately it was the worst back day in quite a while. I see my doc at 6:30 AM.


Cindy said...

Well now we all know who your doctor is b/c there is only one that I know of with 6:30AM office hours! Tell your sister/his nurse hello.....and good luck. Backs are a tricky thing. Your Grandpa Gussie was well loved today. Riley couldn't have been more taken with him.

Jill & Todd Potrykus said...

Glad to hear the reunion went well. Good luck with your appointment in the morning. I hope they get it figured out so that you won't have so much pain. Keep us posted. Love you.

Jer said...

Thanks, Cin. And thanks for the cute picture. Jill, I'll post later about the doc appt. First day on the new job and am swamped. :)