Thursday, June 26, 2008

6/26 Happy sad mad disappointed and more

I moved into my new office and the new job starts Monday. So I'm happy about that.

And my house sold in MS. So I'm happy about that too.

And my pets are fantastic. They make me smile after a day of listening to people's very real problems.

The sad mad disappointed comes from this: after work I was totally pain free. Decided to play with my pets a few minutes on my bed and then actually clean part of my house.

Kris came over and helped me fix a few things, and while getting her a screwdriver the shooting pains and spasms began. This was around 5:30 or so. And they're still happening. Makes me so damn mad.

I've finally gotten to the point that I'm not in constant pain. So that's very good. Yet, when it hurts it really hurts. I'm still in physical therapy, and will visit my doc again on Monday.

So I guess it's just cuddling with my cuties tonight. Love to all.


Dave said...

Once you start spasming, there isn't too much you can do. But isn't sitting painful? At least for me, standing or lying flat on my back are much better.

Pain medication doesn't help much either, but sometimes during bad attacks, muscle relaxers do. Almost all of my bad attacks have been when bending, getting up, reaching over, etc., not from lifting heavy things.

Take it easy and hope you are better soon.

Jer said...

Thanks, DF. Standing is the worst for me. I can't handle it. Sitting (in a comfortable chair) and lying down are the best.

Jeff said...

Dishes are done, I just heard Jer flush.

Cindy said...

OF COURSE YOUR PETS ARE FANTASTIC and adorable)....Come on...admit it, they are a MUCH better fit for you, AND sometime your family IS smarter than you!!! Come on, say it, you know it's true.

Jer said...

Cindy, it's only you who is smarter than I am. I admit that Gus and Bozie are immensely easier to take care of than Quincy and Cookie were. I don't cry at home for them anymore. Just every now and then when I'm out and about. But I know they're happy. And so am I.