Saturday, June 07, 2008

6/7 St. Francis Parish Picnic

I went over at 5 and met up with some cousins. Had a beer with them. Then when my sister, brothers, and families arrived we had dinner. Everyone bought great sandwiches--roast beef, sloppy joes, hot dogs, brats, etc. No vegetarian food except onion rings, so that's what I ordered. For dessert, instead of getting superb homemade cakes, I got a shaved ice--a HUGE one. Then suddenly I got sick to my stomach. Started sweating profusely. So I told the family--bye, I'm sick. Walked home and threw up.

Wonder what it was--onion rings or shaved ice, or a combination of the two. Glad it's over. But I'm sorry I had to leave the family so early.


Cindy said...

one minute you were there the next you were gone...We just got home ourselves and had a great time as always. This year was different b/c BOTH Cody AND Eric could have a beer with their dad!

Jer said...

I'm glad both your boys made it, and sorry I missed them. Whatever it was came on so quickly. I just had to get out of there. And it happened again later last night. Guess I'll lay off the onion rings and shaved ice.