Saturday, July 31, 2004

7/31 Sore feet

On the way to work today I glanced at the car to my right and there was a clown in full makeup driving the car next to me. I hoped it would be a good sign for our opening today.

I worked at CSz from 11:30-9 and my feet hurt.... Concrete floors suck when you're standing all the time.

The shows went really well. Audiences went crazy. I love that place.

Friday, July 30, 2004

7/30 UK friends

Had a good day at work, talked to both Simon and Chris (from UK and Ireland respectively). After work, came home and sat for about 20 minutes and boy did that feel like a luxury. Then went to CSz to meet up with Bron, Pij and Jules (the UK representatives to the tournament, and my pals from the UK Adventure).

The show tonight was just for the construction crew, and some other invited guests. The real opening will be tomorrow night. The show was awesome and Pij and Jules (Steven) loved it. Even though they'd been performing for a few years, they hadn't seen a show by another team. So it was a cool experience for them.

The video didn't work. Neither did the fog machine. Other than that, everything was ace.

Tomorrow I work noon until 8 so the day won't be too bad. Gotta run. My housekeeper is coming tomorrow and I have to put away my crap so she can actually clean. Right now, there's not a lot of floor to vacuum because it's covered with stuff I unpacked from UK but haven't put away yet. Ah, the fine art of procrastination.

Thursday, July 29, 2004

7/29 Last show at the Clarion

Tonight we did the final show at the Clarion, and tomorrow the first real show at the new arena.

I worked tickets at the Clarion by myself and closed the show at the office. The money balanced, and I remembered how to work the Mac. Felt pretty darn proud of myself.

The only downside to the job is that I enjoy the shows so much and hate to miss them. But that's life. The benefits far outweigh the downside--I'll get my workshops free, get a little extra money, hang out with fun people, have an alternative to sitting on my butt at home, and I'm learning more about improv. I really love performing, but have so much to learn. And CSz is the place to learn. I'm absorbing a lot just by watching and listening.

Tomorrow I'm going to the Friday "soft opening." It's for contractors and other workers and a few invited guests. I hope there's an extra seat for me. I'm going with my friends from the UK.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

7/28 Meeting and training at new place

Work was nice. Saw Chris from Ireland and Simon from the UK. They're here for two weeks.

At 5:30 met at Comedy Sportz for a tournament committee meeting. Other than a few minor complaints from people, things are going really well. The place looks fantastic. Still lots for the staff to do, but I'm very impressed. Very.

Then at 7 had a training session. Unfortunately the new cash register wasn't programmed yet, so I didn't get to learn too much. Will work tomorrow night and Saturday. Tomorrow is the last show at the hotel, and Friday the shows begin at the new arena. Quite exciting. The owners and staff are getting tired--they're working long, long hours.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

7/27 From Chicago to Lee's house

The conference went well. I conducted five interviews and the photographer took 600 pictures. We ought to get some usable material out of all that.

Drove from Chicago to my friend Lee's house in Brookfield. We had our regular Tuesday practice there instead of at Jeff's office. It was lots of fun. First of all, there was beer. Then there was Lee, Christine and Jeff (Scottie and Ann Margaret couldn't make it).  Jeff gave us a mini-workshop on gibberish, and we chatted away all evening. He did some research and came up with some excellent gibberish warm-ups and then we played games that involved the skill. Double entendres abounded. Lee's also a stand up comic and I haven't seen him perform yet. The rest of us plan to attend one of his shows, but need to get our schedules in synch.

Tomorrow I have a tournament committee meeting at 5:30 and a training meeting for staff at 7. Oh, and during the day I have my writing/editing job too. I think I'm tired.

Sunday, July 25, 2004

7/25 To Chicago

After a quiet morning at home, I drove to Chicago to the Oak Brook Marriott. I'll be here for a few days working at one of our Regional Conferences. Have to do interviews with some of our customers, and coordinate the photographer's work. Since I've been here I've been playing online Scrabble because the room has high-speed Internet access, which is just like being at home.

Am still stiff from my fall, but feel a lot better than I did earlier today.

Saturday, July 24, 2004

7/24 Fall down, go boom!

Last night was great. I had dinner with Bron (my friend from the UK CSz team) and took her on a tour of the new arena. She stayed for one of the practice shows and we had fun. I stayed on for the second show as well. Got my first paycheck from CSz which was cool.

Today my foot was hurting so I stayed off of it for most of the day. Then at 4 I was bored and drove into CSz to do some work for the tournament. When I arrived, people's eyes lit up. Aha, an extra hand. I ended up using power tools. Cool. I drilled holes through plexiglass and T-shirts. It's an art.

Stayed for one of the practices, it was a tech run-through, so not as much fun as the other rehearsals. I said my good-byes about 9:15 PM to come home. Jen said someone needed to walk me to my car because the lights weren't good in the employee parking lot. Eric walked me out, we met Bogan outside. I said hi to him and fell flat on my face. Ah, the joy of being graceful.

I'm all scraped up. When I fall for a man, I fall hard.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

7/22 CSz First Show in New Arena

I did indeed work from home on Wednesday and experienced no foot pain. All I did was move from my recliner to my computer and back again. Such a life.

Then today when I did more walking, it hurt again. I must find a medical supply store that carries that correct brace for my foot.

Tonight was the first show in the new arena. Wasn't open to the public, because it was mostly to check on sound and lights, etc. But it was great. Not a bad seat in the house. I'll go again Friday and Saturday also.

Friday I'll get my first paycheck from my CSz job, so that will be fun. Plus I have to have my picture taken for the wall. All employees will have their pictures and biographies on the wall.

My friend, Bron, from the UK CSz is in Wisconsin. Her parents live in Madison and she's visiting there, but will come to Milwaukee this weekend to see the new Arena and probably will stay over at my place. It will be so nice to see her.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

7/20 You've heard of Dumb and Dumber?

Well, this is boring and boringer. Sunday I did a little around the house, but not much. My foot hurt so badly I just sat a lot of the day with my foot elevated. It's been 2 months since it started hurting, but it gets progressively worse. And no, I didn't write about it because upbeat people like me tend to write about fun stuff and not ow-ees.
Monday after work I did some laundry, but other than that, just sat and vegged. So today, in the middle of the work day, I called the walk-in clinic and asked how many people were in line. It's just a few blocks away, and when I heard there were only two people there, I said, "I'll be right over." And the doc said I have plantar fasciatis. Too bad I let it go so long. (Stupid, stupid, girl.) Now the inflammation is so bad that I'm near tears. (Do I hear violins in the background?)
I need to buy a brace specifically made for this, and do some exercises. (What! Me exercise?) I need to massage it, by rolling my foot over a golf ball. And if it doesn't get better, then I'll see an orthopedist. I just want someone to knock me out. Booze, pills, boxing match...I don't care. Okay, perhaps I'm exaggerating the pain a bit. Okay, a lot. But it hurts and I want my mommy. I'm nearly 57 years old, my mom's been dead for 24 years, but I still want my mommy.
Tonight, I have CSz practice, but I can do that sitting down. Or maybe I'll just go home and try to win the prize as the most boring person in the western hemisphere. It just might happen.

Saturday, July 17, 2004

7/17 12 Hour Work Day

I went in to CSz at Noon and got home after midnight. It was a really long day, but I learned a lot. Lynna had me do everything, and overall I did fine. But I couldn't have done it if she wasn't there. So I hope I still work with her for a little while yet.
We were in the office first, answering phones, taking reservations, and preparing for the three shows of the day (3 PM, 7:30 PM, and 10 PM). We had to print out the lists, make signs and in general, get everything set. Then drive to the Clarion. It will be so nice when the new arena (theatre) is ready for the shows. No driving, and no being in a spooky place at night alone. After the 10 o'clock show got off to a good start, Lynna and I drove back to the office. The new building is so huge and so dark. But once the shows start there, the place will be full of people, and I'll just go back to the office area alone. I'll need to check if there's a way to close that part off, so drunk customers can't join me. Carrying money back there might make me look way too attractive, and I sure don't want that.
After we closed all three shows (I am getting used to the Mac, but not enamored yet), it was after 11:30. This weekend is Festa Italiana at the lakefront, and I got caught in horrible traffic and it took me longer than usual to get home. I'm marking this 11:59 PM, just so it shows the correct date, but actually I got home after midnight. I'm glad I can sleep in tomorrow.

Friday, July 16, 2004

7/16 A regular Friday

I got a lot of work done today. That always feel good. Then I get home and my work ethic ceases. What's wrong with me? I have no energy at all when it comes to maintaining my condo. The only thing that every gets me to put everything away is that I have someone come to clean once a month. Well tonight she called and said she couldn't make it tomorrow after all, because she'd fallen and hurt her knee. I felt bad that she was hurt, but HOORAY, I don't have to pick up my house. I get a reprieve.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

7/15 Payday

Paid off some major bills. Whew. Feel like I lost weight.
And that, ladies and gentlemen, was the extent of my excitement today.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

7/13 Rehearsal and Mike's Hard Lime

I thought that title would get you.

A bunch of us advanced-level workshoppers have practice every week. There are no workshops during the summer months, and we want to keep up our skills. New workshops will start in September and auditions for the Minor Leagues are in October. Everyone in my group, except for one person, wants to audition, so we're working hard. Yep, it's hard work but it's so darn fun too.

Yesterday we met for dinner at Noodles & Company, and then went to Jeff's business to practice. Afterward the gang went out for drinks, but I didn't join them. Decided to be responsible and not get to work too tired. What a dope.

During the rehearsal we drank Mike's Hard Lime (thanks, Christine). I'd never had it before, but my oh my it was good.

Monday, July 12, 2004

7/12 Changes

Normally I love change. Keeps me on my toes. And I have a hard time understanding the fear many people have regarding it. Change helps my need for adrenaline. I love the excitement of unpredictability. Of course there are exceptions.

Today my boss told me of a change in our department. Sounds like a good thing. And I'm excited about it. BUT even though nothing was said, I have a fear of losing my office. That would suck big time, as I have the coolest office. Not huge by any means, but it's so cool. And I would hate to be relegated to the world of cubicles. I'd have to re-enact the movie Office Space. Better watch it again, just to be prepared.

Sunday, July 11, 2004

7/11 Quiet day at home

Went out for breakfast--a treat. Then came home and worked on the computer all day, plus did some work on my finances as well. Boring on the surface, but it was a good day.

Saturday, July 10, 2004

7/10 Saturday by the pool

Okay, I wasn't by the pool, I was in it. Today was enough that I didn't need to turn on my air conditioner, but warm enough that I didn't freeze when I got out of the pool. Other than that I didn't do much, except work on my website. I posted the pictures from LA in June and fixed up the Denmark pictures so they aren't so big.

Spoke to a few women who were sitting under an umbrella by the pool. Turns out a former neighbor died of lung cancer. She'd sold her condo before I left for the UK, and I bought a few items from her. A beautiful huge Chinese screen that I haven't hung yet. And I also bought a Chinese statue that's on the floor in my dining room. I was sad to hear about Bea, but not surprised. She was ill and that's why she sold her place. I also notice that it's the downside of living in a place where most people are retired, and it seems folks are always either moving to Florida, nursing homes, or even dying. That sucks. And even though I'm one of the younger ones living here, it does put mortality right in front of your face all the time. Enough philosophizing for today.

Friday, July 09, 2004

7/9 First day on another job

After work, I began my other job. I now work part-time (very) at CSz in the Box Office. It seems like it will be fun. Lynna trained me, but I'll need lots more training. There's more to it than selling tickets and keeping track of the money. I'll "close" programs and add things to the computer program. Of course, computers are easy for me, except this is a Mac and I've never used one before. I do love learning new things.

The pay isn't much at all, but I'll get my future classes free as long as I'm employed there, so that's a wonderful benefit.

Thursday, July 08, 2004

7/8 All's quiet on the northern front

Working was the highlight of my day. Nope, strike that. Talking to Kayla, Hunter and Jill was the highlight of my day. Kayla talked to me for a long time. They're coming to visit at the end of September and we spoke about that. Then she told me to bring my sleeping bag the next time I come to her house so I can sleep on the floor next to her bed.

She also said she was going to bring a lot of dresses to my house and have I seen her dresses. I reminded her I'd bought many of them. She asked how many. I didn't know of course so I just said "about ten." K then said, "You can't just start at ten, Grandma. You always have to start at one and count. Would you like me to help you?"

I laughed but said yes. We ended up counting to 30 together. Then she laughed and asked, "Do I have 30 dresses?" It was a great conversation.

Hunter got on and said, "Hi, Grandma. I love you. Bye." I guess that's pretty good coming froma 2-year-old, although he does usually say more to me.

Jill and I had a great conversation. She's such a great person. What a lucky mom I am.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

7/7 Dinner meeting that was actually fun

After work, met with the CSz committee that's working on the World CSz Championship. We met at Trocadero's, which was a new place for me. Nice. We started with a cheese platter and chardonnay. Then after our meeting we ordered sandwiches. Excellent food. The only problem was that my face got red from the wine--bright red. And when I went to bed it was still bright red. I looked a like a sunburn that would require medical attention. Reminded me why I normally drink beer.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

7/6 Rehearsal

After a long workday, I went to an informal CSz rehearsal at Jeff's office. There were five of us and as usual it was so much fun. Went out for a beer afterward... that was fun too.

Monday, July 05, 2004

7/5 ugh

A REALLY boring day. Did some work on my computer, watched TV, and played games. Didn't even finish putting away the stuff shipped from the UK. I'm a loser. Wasted a whole day.

Sunday, July 04, 2004

7/4 Happy 4th of July

My sibs and their families gathered in Quincy for a picnic and viewing the fireworks. Wish I could have been with them, but I didn't want to face the traffic on the roads this weekend.

Up fairly early. Did my laundry, copied files from my laptop to my home PC. That took a long time.

Talked to Jill and Rob/Beata on the phone today. That was a neat thing to happen on the holiday. Other than that...not much excitement today.

Saturday, July 03, 2004

7/3 Saturday BBQ

Up early and made a big fruit salad. Went to Bill and Joel's at 12:30. Met some of their friends including two precocious eight-year olds, Kayla and Page. They were fun. I also enjoyed the other folks there. Bill and Joel's home is lovely. Joel has a flair for decorating, plus the garden and lawns are beautiful. I ate too much, as usual,and enjoyed two Leinenkugel Honey Weiss beers.

Came home and began putting some items away. Am slowly accomplishing this seemingly endless task.

Friday, July 02, 2004

7/2 Friday at last

Lots of reading today at work. Also began editing the Journal now that I have all the articles I need. Will complete the first round of editing on that next week. By Thursday, will need to have completed the copyediting (3rd, and final round) of the other journal that we publish for someone else. This may sound boring to some, but I love editing--almost as much as I love writing.

Ghost-wrote a letter to the editor for a colleague. I think it will be effective.

Chris came in for part of the day then took off for Ireland. He'll be back on the 28th with Simon.

Went grocery shopping after work. Just fruits and vegetables, but fresh produce really can add up. I'm looking forward to a three day weekend.

Thursday, July 01, 2004

7/1 After work fun

After work, I went to a local Mexican restaurant with some co-workers--La Fuente. It's Chris's last night in the states. He heads back to Ireland tomorrow. Of course, he's returning to us at the end of July for a week, so that's cool.

I had two Mexican beers, a Tecate and a something Blanca. Drat, I forgot the full name. Both were tasty. Everyone else had margaritas. We ate outside on the patio and the weather was perfect. Perfect. I ate a suprema vegetarian burrito. Couldn't even finish that sucker, it was so big. But excellent.

The conversation was fun with talk turning to favorite movies. I found that there was a lot of similarity in our group with movies that we liked except no one screamed YES when I said Willie Wonka was one of my favorites.