Friday, May 29, 2015

Writing and singing, a nice combination

Book #5, Where Is Henderson?, is with my publisher. I expect it back soon with some (many?) suggested edits. It should be published as an e-book by mid-June. I'm currently writing #6, Who's the Rogue?, which takes place entirely in Quincy, IL. Back to my roots, as suggested by some readers. See, I do pay attention!

My second book--Any Meat in That Soup?--has been printed in paperback form and is available at Amazon and I believe Barnes and Noble. Excited about this.

I'm rehearsing nightly for Mary Poppins, in which I play the Bird Woman and Miss Andres. I love that I get to play both a hero and a villain. Because of my renewed love for local theater, via Quincy Community Theatre, WTR? takes place at a community theatre. In the book it's Gem City Community Theatre. For the uninitiated, Quincy's nickname is the Gem City, given to us by none other than Mark Twain. I believe his exact words were, "Quincy is a gem of a city." No, I'm not quite old enough to have heard his words myself.

I'm hopeful that my fellow castmates won't mind that I stare at them and occasionally take notes. I'm still deciding who's going to die in the book and who's going to do the murdering, so everyone better be nice to me.

Fair warning.