Thursday, August 16, 2018

8/16 Procrastinator no more! least temporarily. My manuscript has been turned in, sent to the formatter, returned for my viewing (and my publisher's viewing), and sent back to the formatter for a few small changes. He returned everything, but without my picture on the back. So that's been attended to, and book #8 (Is This the End?) should be out any day. As usual it will be out in both ebook and paperback.

To say I am happy is to totally understate my HUGE emotions. For some reason, this book took a little while longer than the others. Still 8 books in five and a half years isn't too bad.

I'm working on Where's My Passport? and I certainly hope it will be done more quickly than ITTE? but we'l see. To hurry it along, I am adding to my usual writing retreat by going to a new one. In October I'll be going to the Isle of Palm off of Charleston, SC with some new writer friends. The funny fact is that I've not met any of them IRL. However, one of them has been my FB friend for a few years, and I'm sure the other ones will soon be friends. I believe there will be six of us there, and I believe all of them are published authors. More about them after I meet them. Then I can recommend some books to you. I do think they are romance writers, at least I know a few of them are. I wonder if I'm the only mystery writer there. Hmmmm, that will be interesting, and perhaps fodder for another book.

What do you think?