Sunday, July 27, 2014

I need noise to write

I'm an extrovert. (I can just hear people say, "Ya think?") I get energy from people, plus I think out loud. That's why I write my books primarily at Panera, and sometimes at Starbucks. 

So now, my dog Gus and I are in a little cottage at a retreat center--from Friday morning until Monday morning. I love the peace. I love the location. And sometimes I even love the quiet. But not when I'm trying to write. So book number five, titled Where Is Henderson? still just has two chapters complete.

I should have known that quiet wasn't conducive to my creative writing.

I do love it here, though. Gus and I will definitely return. I found Windridge Solitude by Googling "solo retreat with pet." Et voila--it appeared. And just 2 1/2 hours from my home. Check out and you'll see how lovely this place is. And reasonable. The cottages are small and new, with everything you'd need. You bring your own food. There's no wifi of course, but I turned my phone into a mobile hotspot and am able to post. However, I'm not "hanging out" on the internet like I usually do. Just a few times a day.

I've been reading some spiritual books, and the entire place and process has had a calming influence on me.

Gus is bored when we stay in the cottage, I think. However, there are 93 acres to roam around on, and we've been doing a lot of that. This may sound strange but my favorite place is their pet cemetary. The nuns rescue dogs and cat, and most of the animals are old and their time here is short. I met the current three dogs, but didn't meet the cats. One of the big dogs has huge scars across her skull. She's had a rough life, but here she's pampered and loved and will be here until she passes.

They do good work here.