Tuesday, September 30, 2008

9/30 My bad news

My back hurts as bad today as it ever has. It's as if I've never gotten any treatment. I'm depressed and even angry. I'll get over it, maybe after I have a nice meal.

Now who's going to cook it for me? Ha, that was funny wasn't it.

I'm going to make dinner as soon as I relax a little bit.

And, family, I'm going to need help putting furniture back, after the carpet cleaners moved things. Love you.

Monday, September 29, 2008

9/29 Talked to my bro

It was wonderful. He sounds like himself. (Thanks, God.)

Tomorrow the carpet cleaners come and my car gets detailed. I feel so exquisitely CLEAN.

Have been having a really rough several days with my back. Don't know what to complain about--the back or the bronchitis. Since I can't decide, guess I won't complain about either one. :)

Time for dinner. And then time to play with sweet Gussie. I can't take him for a walk again today, which makes me feel guilty, but at least I can play with him. And tomorrow he'll go to doggy day care, where he'll get plenty of exercise, leaving me guilt free.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

9/27 Wonderful news

The news that outshines everything else this week is that my brother is home from the hospital and doing well. We are all so incredibly grateful.

As for me...my cold is bronchitis and I'm on tons of meds so should feel fine soon. As long as I'm well by next Saturday when company comes, I'll be fine.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

9/25 more ugly

My brother is still in the hospital, and that makes me sad.

Now, the whole left side of my face is in pain. It must be a sinus infection or ear infection. I see the doctor tomorrow morning. Hope to have good news to report.

Gus and Bozie are spending the night at the vet's. They came through surgery really well, so that's good news at least.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

9/24 Good bad ugly

The good is that my relative came though surgery like a trooper. He is strong and solid and I'm so grateful. Will protect his privacy and not give details of his surgery and his identity, but we shed tears of gratitude.

The bad is that the surgery took more than 5 hours, and because of delays we were at the hospital in Springfield for over 11 hours. Yikes. A long day. But our relative slept through it all. :)

The ugly is my throat and ear. Omigod. But luckily I felt good all day and just relapsed on the way home.

Time for bed.

And tomorrow both my animals get fixed. Poor babies.

Monday, September 22, 2008

9/22 Another busy day

Work was extremely busy and topped off by going to the adolescent psych ward to consult with some admissions. Then bought dog food, cat food, cat litter--such excitement, can you bear it?

Luckily Jan stopped by to put some boxes in the shed so she was able to get the 20 pound kitty litter out of the car. It also felt good to have company. I've been kind of a leper since Thursday night. But I feel so much better today and of course I'm thrilled about it.

Sending lots of love to someone who's having surgery tomorrow. You're in my prayers. Love to all.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

9/21 Walked

Yep, Gus and I just walked a mile--and I didn't take a walking stick. After about a half block I realized I should have it because my back hurt and I was feeling unbalanced. But I chose something straight ahead of me to focus on and it helped.

As far as my cold--it's a lot better today. I'm still going between sweating and freezing, but that will pass. Need a nap now because the walk took it out of me. :) Lazy butt--but I can't help it. This cold is just plain stupid. It not only makes me cough and snort, it makes me tired.

I'll be better by tomorrow, and that's a guarantee. One more day of rest and fluids should do the trick. (Gus is already asleep from the walk.) :)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

9/20 Not much new

Still sick. But I'm getting better I'm sure--I now have antibiotics and a fierce cough medicine (thanks, Jane and Jan). Slept most of yesterday and a lot of today, so that's got to be doing something good for me. Took Gus for our usual Saturday morning Starbucks excursion, and instead of going in to work, came home and slept again.

My nephew Cody took Gussie for a walk this afternoon. That's about all the exercise the dog's gotten for a few days--he and the cat have been sleeping with me all day. They sure are sweet.

In about an hour or so the entire family will meet for my sister-in-law Paulette's 60th birthday party. I know they'll have a wonderful time, even if the life of the party can't attend. :) Sure wish I could go, but Typhoid Mary needs to stay home.

I should start feeling normal by tomorrow (whatever normal is).

Oh, found out last night that my daughter-in-law Beata has pneumonia. I feel so bad for her, but glad it's getting taken care of now. They're coming to visit in two weeks so she should be all better by then. I can't wait to have a full house--with Rob, Beata, Jill, Kayla, and Hunter. It's going to be great.

Friday, September 19, 2008

9/19 Score: Cold 1, Jer 0

Finally gave in and am staying home from work today. I hate hate hate missing work but since I ran a temperature yesterday I don't want to make anyone else sick.

And unless a miracle happens this also means that I have to miss a big family gathering tomorrow. That REALLY upsets me.

But the GREAT news is that my brain MRI showed that I have one and that there are no signs of tumors or potential aneurysms. I'm very grateful. What did show was that I'm a compassionate, brilliant, talented, and humble human being.

Actually it showed the changes that come with age. And since we know I'm old, that came as no surprise.

Guess it's my meds causing the balance problems, which is what I was hoping for all along. Love to all...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

9/17 It never pays

It never pays to say your back feels good. Because immediately it will start hurting in a revengeful way. Take my advice.

Still have my cold--blah, blah, ho-hum.

Had my MRI and it will be read today and the doc will probably dictate tomorrow. My doctor will probably have it tomorrow, which means my sisters will have it a few minutes earlier and they will call me with the good news. I'm going to win the "white spots on the brain" contest. It's an aging thing. And most likely nothing else will be wrong. I'm adamantly convinced it's my meds causing the balance problem. Saw my doc when I was visiting with Jan and he said the St. Louis neurosurgeon recommended surgery--same thing he told me.

Saw Lesa, the lady who adopted Quincy and Cookie. She told me wonderful anecdotes about them. I'm so happy they are so well-loved. But I still tear up when I think about them. Thank God it's only when I'm alone. The dogs have become outside dogs of their own volition--they really don't want to come inside at all, in fact they sleep outside now. I told Lesa they may change their minds in winter. These dogs are used to Mississippi winters. We'll see.

Guess that's it. I teach tonight so will go and prepare. (Jan and Jane, it was nice to see both of you today at the clinic.)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

9/16 Just call me snot-faced

Or drippy-nose, or sneezy-head, or Dopey. Wait, not the last one.

I'm kind of scared I'll start sneezing during the MRI tomorrow. That would really be awful.

Today has just not been a good day. But Gus is happy. He was at Doggy Day Care and is passed out already. "A tired dog is a happy dog."

It'll sure be an early night for me-I'll go to sleep right after Biggest Loser.

Oh, and my pre-approval expired. About two days before I got the down payment money. Amazing. But the GREAT news is that the percentage went down from 6.7% to 6.0% Can't complain about that. My new approval will be done ASAP.

Monday, September 15, 2008

9/15 Still sick

But now I can talk. Too bad, huh?

Wanted to come home early today. Thought I'd gotten enough done to leave at noon, but I was dead wrong. Remembered a lot of work I had to do before a meeting tomorrow morning. I stayed at work until 6 PM, but still am not done. I hope to be able to finish everything tomorrow before the meeting, but I doubt it. I'll try though.

I don't feel well enough to take Gussie for a walk and that certainly makes me feel guilty. But he goes to Alpha Dog tomorrow so he'll get tons of exercise. He sure loves it there. And Wednesday night he'll probably get a long walk with Aunt Cindy. So guess I shouldn't feel too guilty.

9/15 Weird but funny

Check this out. Face hair styles.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

9/14 What a day

First of all, I can't talk. Jane and Pete came over yesterday afternoon to watch something I'd taped. I felt fine then. A little off balance, but no pain. Then about an hour after they left two strange things happened at the same time--I lost my voice and my back started hurting. Both things are still around.

Of course they aren't related, but funny they happened together.

I haven't had a cold this year, so maybe that's what's happening. But I have a giant case of laryngitis and Gussie just stares at me and cocks his head when I try to talk.

Remember all the trouble I had with Quincy rolling in the mud, and jumping in the rain puddles? And attacking the water that pumps out from the basement? I thought I would have no problem with my little Lhasa Apso. Well, I was very wrong. He ran around in the rain like Q used to do--positively dancing. It was so cute. Then he rolled in mud puddles. Not so cute. AND he attacked the water coming from the sump pump. Definitely not cute. I had to chase him (not easy in my stupid condition). I swear he laughed at me. What a mess. But of course I laughed too.

Some fun news. A guy I worked with at ComedySportz in Milwaukee is now a regular on FOx's MadTV. So look for Eric Price. He is a riot. I'm so happy for him.

Friday, September 12, 2008

9/12 Dinner, etc.

Had dinner tonight with Jane and Pete, and Deb. Then I was a designated driver for Jane. I don't know if she really needed one, but I was happy to do it. It's always fun to get together with family.

But the animals were sure glad when I got home.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

9/10 Lots of stuff

Tim, Jan, and Cindy all did very kind things for me today. After dropping off my car at Dan's Auto Shop, Tim gave me a ride to work. Jan took me out at lunchtime to pick it up. And Cindy walked and played with Gussie so I could go teach. Thanks to all three of you.

Tomorrow my car gets new front brakes and new tires. The rest of the work will be done next week after all the parts come in.

I'm absolutely exhausted--today was the most stressful day ever at work, crisis after crisis after crisis. So I just dealt with one at a time and did the best I could.

Next Wednesday I get a brain MRI. Hope they find one in there.

Monday, September 08, 2008

9/8 More teaching

Just got notice of a new class I'll teach at QU, beginning the end of October. It's Social and Cultural Issues. I'm really excited about this one since the topic is on that interests me a lot. In the evening courses the classes run for 8 weeks instead of a whole semester, so from Sept through Dec there are two classes that people can choose. So I'm very pleased to have another one to teach since I'm really enjoying this new adventure.

Work was hard today. I only took 1/2 hour for lunch, just ran home and let Gussie out and then went right back. Too much to do. Luckily I enjoy the job.

It's hard to work like this though because of how I feel. Yuck. Jan came over and let Gus out too and she carried out my heavy trash and recyclables. Thanks so much, Jan. Tim's going to take my SUV for another estimate on Wednesday. Thanks, Tim. You guys are really helping me so much and I can't tell you how much I appreciate it.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

9/7 My big excitement

was running into Jan and Kris at the grocery store. Wahoooo!

Unfortunately I'm having a bad day, so that took all the energy I had. Came home and slept--sweet Gussie right beside me.

All I have to do yet today is put things away so the cleaners can clean tomorrow. Wonder if I can handle the excitement?

Last night was fun though. Went to dinner at Cassano's with Jane,, Pete, Jordan, Sarah, Joe, Cindy, John, and Paulette. Yum.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

9/6 Off to work with Gus

Well, the animals woke me up at 6 like they always do. They seem to think that weekends are no different than weekdays. But boy am I tired.

And I'm upset that I forgot about the QND-Palmyra game last night. Some of my family go to the games and I was so excited to finally be living in Quincy and being able to attend the QND games. Wish someone had reminded me. Don't they know I'm old and forgetful? Well, at least QND won and that's the most important thing.

Pretty soon I'll begin our Saturday ritual. After showering and getting dressed I'm going to go to work. On nice days Gus and I stop at Starbucks and sit awhile and read (I do, he doesn't) but it's really foggy today. Maye it will clear up in a little while.

Guess that's it. Nothing exciting. And I don't think it's going to be warm enough to go swimming. Too bad. I always look forward to that.

Friday, September 05, 2008

9/5 Gus and doggy day care

I had a bad day but Gussie sure didn't. They said he had a wonderful time at doggy day care at Alpha Dog Training Center. Am so glad he loved it. He was with four Boston Terriers that look like quadruplets. Jesse (Elizabeth's husband) said he had several inquiries about Gus. I said, "I hope you told them he wasn't for sale." :)

When we got home, I sat down and had a good cry. Gus came up and put his paws on my lap so I picked him up. He was so comforting that it was hard for me to stay sad. So I didn't. :)

Am going to lie down before dinner. That will help. And I think I'll make fried green tomatoes again tonight. That's all I had for dinner last night and it was an absolutely superb meal. Thanks, Joe and Cindy, for the green tomatoes. Don't cut down your plants without warning me, because I'll take some more. Yum.

Love to all.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

9/4 Ugh, yikes, shit, etc., plus good old Gus

It would cost $2200 to get my car completely fixed. Of course that's at the Kia dealer and I know it would be cheaper elsewhere. But still...it's going to be a hell of a lot no matter where I take it. The three seatbelts in back cost $500 alone. (Yes, Quincy and Cookie cost me a lot....)

I'd be better off buying a new car. But... (insert all the reasons I can't afford to buy right now).

Tomorrow Gus is going to Doggy Day Care for the first time. I'm going to Springfield all day, so it'll be nice that no one (Jan) will have to put him out over lunch time. I want him to get used to the place because in a few weeks I'll be in St. Louis for four days and nights, and he'll stay at the same kennel. I think he'll love it there. Tomorrow is supposed to rain so they put all the little dogs in the training room with a door open so they can go outside when they need to. Gus will have a ball playing with lots of other dogs.

Last night was a stitch. When Cindy was walking him I drove by and parked at QU. He saw me and went nuts. In fact he even got loose from Cin and ran after me. It was so cute. He really wanted me. But of course Cindy was able to get him back on track after I gave him some attention.

Not feeling too good, so after checking the computer, will go to bed. But Jill has given me a super idea. Her company, Advanced Bionics, made an instrument for pain, that's inserted right under the skin. You use a remote control and it works just like the treatment I got at physical therapy. There's a new pain doc in town at QMG who uses it. We'll see if it's a possibility. I'd love to have another option besides surgery.

9/4 No major news

First thanks to Jan and Cindy for taking care of Gus while I was gone. He loves both of you, that's obvious.

Doc said I should think about surgery. No surprise. He also said that if I live 20 more years he is confident I'll have the surgery sometime because of the severity of the stenosis. I wasn't planning on surgery but if I need to have it sometime it would be smart to have it younger rather than older, I think. Will see another neurosurgeon in October.

Am in a hurry. Will post more details after work.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

9/2 Brother and stuff

One of my brothers had cataract surgery today and is doing very well. It's so good to hear that he already sees the improvement. Hooray for that!

I go tomorrow to St. Louis. Am looking forward to seeing the neurosurgeon since I fell twice yesterday. Once at Jan's and once here. The fall at Jan's was definitely from the imbalance issue. The one here was aided and abetted by dog food on the floor. Just what I needed. After I was done crying and cussing, I laughed. Had to. I fell so hard that gas exploded from my body. Luckily no one was around and my animals weren't close enough to be killed by the explosion. Gosh it was funny.

But it sure hurts today.

And I found out today all the work that my car needs. Omigod, I might as well buy a new one. Sure hope it makes it to St. Louis and back. Forgot to ask the mechanic about that. Oh well...I'm sure it will. (I'm an optimist, remember?)

Just went over to Joe and Cindy's to get some tomatoes and Cindy asked if she could take Gussie for a walk with her dog Kirby. Amen and alleluia. Thanks, Cin.

Monday, September 01, 2008

9/1 Labor Day without labor

Had a wonderfully lazy day. After sleeping in (okay, after waking up at 6, letting the dog out, feeding both the dog and cat and then crawling back into bed), Gus and I went to Jan and Tim's around 1. We swam all afternoon and it was great. Gus is so beat that he's snoring away at my feet.

Last night was fun too. What started as just a few people coming to Jan and Tim's for hot dogs ended up being a huge gathering. Almost everyone came and the food was super. Of course everyone brought a dish so there was plenty to choose from.

I'm incredibly blessed.

Will continue with my labor-less day. Am really tired so will join Gus in the snoring department before too long.