Thursday, August 31, 2006

8/31 Hurricanes and children

For the first time, I have to be concerned on a personal level. Rob and Beata live in NC, but inland. Yet, the news says Hurricane Ernesto will most likely go inland. There's a hurricane watch for the Carolinas that just got announced.

Of course I shouldn't worry. They lived in Okinawa for many years and lived through level 5 typhoons. And they lived right on the beach. So I guess they know how to take care of themselves.

And I'll probably get a call or email from Red Cross wanting me to go help. I can't do it at the moment because there's so much going on in my life. I'll be able to do it in November, however, after Words weekend in NY.

My 22-year-old nephew Adam is moving to NYC any day now. I talked to his mom, Cindy, last night. It's hard when your kids not only move out, but move away. I actually loved it when Rob moved out, because it made my life a lot simpler. His high school years were torture for both of us. Thank God he grew out of it, and so did I. :)

Although I didn't let anyone know it, I was horribly sad when Jill moved out. She's my baby.

Both of my beloved kids moved a million miles away. At least it seems so. For a long time Jill was in LA and Rob in Okinawa. Now it's better. One kid on one coast, and the other kid on the other. At least I get a lot of frequent flyer miles.

I haven't visited Rob and Beata yet in NC, but will as soon as I can. I went to Okinawa twice though. And I go to LA at least four times a year. This is why I have no money. If my children lived closer, I'd be rich.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

8/30 Call from ARC

The Red Cross called and said my background check was stalled because they couldn't verify that I had an LCSW, and also because I wouldn't let them talk to any of my employers. WHAT?????

So I called the company that does their checks ( or something like that), and they were all messed up. So I cleared up the errors, called my recruiter back, and then talked to our HR person.

I told her someone would be verifying my employment today or tomorrow, and not to worry because I wasn't resigning. She smiled. I said I was going to talk to my boss and the CEO about restructuring my current job.

Here's hoping everything turns out the way I want it to. Sigh.

8/30 How are you defined?

Jerilyn --


A brand of soylent green breakfast cereal

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

8/29 Ch-ch-ch-changes!

Just found out today that my Hollywood debut has been changed from 9/13 to 9/12 and from 9 PM to 10 PM. No big deal, because I also found out that the head of development from Comedy Central will be there, scouting for new talent. Omigod!

Okay, deep breaths, deep breaths.

Today is my brother John and s-i-l Paulette's 36th anniversary! Have a great one, you guys. You both deserve it--especially you, Paulette. You've not only put up with John for this long, but you've tolerated the rest of us too. Thanks for that, sis. I missed your wedding because I lived in Hawaii and couldn't afford the airfare to get home. That's always made me sad. But the pictures were beautiful.

Last night BroadMinded got together. We were all there for the first time. (Marcy doesn't have to come to rehearsals until close to performance time, since she's our tech director.) So seven of us sat there and figured out how we're going to work together. It's not an easy task to go from four to seven. But it will be well worth the effort. Every one of us brings a uniqueness and great humor.

Mel brings her fearlessness. She will do absolutely anything for a laugh, and is the only one who makes me laugh out loud onstage.

Oh, except for Anne. When she does her nerd girl I can't stand it, I always crack up. Anne brings great character work to the table.

Megan is a prolific and talented writer, and also has wonderful acting chops. She's a very physical actor too (witness the fight she and Mel do in The Grade).

Mary Jo is such a good actor. I love her calm demeanor and her ability to look at the bigger picture. And I love it when this mom of two gets down and dirty onstage.

Maria always says yes. That's a great improv quality. When she couldn't perform in the last show, she volunteered to do props and was invaluable. And her "Doris" kills.

Stacy has a wealth of experience, and brings a different viewpoint. After finishing the conservatory at Second City, she has knowledge that the rest of us don't have. Plus she's hilarious on stage, and does super character work.

And, Marcy, a freshman in college, knows more about technical direction than folks twice her age. She's been working in the field for several years already. Plus she's funny.

(If any of you read this, I could have said lots more about each of you. But I have to get back to work.) :)

Monday, August 28, 2006

8/28 I forgot to tell you...

Riding on the interstate between Milwaukee and Kenosha I noticed a truck next to me. Couldn't believe it. It was from McNay Trucking in Quincy, IL. Thank heaven for phones with cameras. :) Here's what I saw-->

Cool, huh?

Sunday, August 27, 2006

8/27 Another volunteer day

Got up at 6 and went to Kenosha again. Worked until 5. It was an extremely busy day, and I'm so glad I was able to help. This weekend just reinforced how much I want to do disaster work.

Lots to do here at home so I better get busy. I'm so tired, but happy.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

8/26 A Volunteer Day

I got up at 7 AM and drove to Kenosha to volunteer with the Red Cross. I must admit it felt good to have my red vest on again.

The set up is located in a school gym, so there's plenty of room. I was the only mental health person for most of the day, but a crisis team memer from a private agency stopped by for a while.

The nurse, Karen, told me that yesterday was a killer for her and she was alone.Today there were four nurses and me, and it wasn't busy at all. That's the way disaster work goes.

They do expect a big crowd tomorrow so I'll get up at 7 again to go in and help. I'll be the only Red Cross MH person, but there will be a crisis team there from Kenosha, so that will be great.

A bunch of nice people working today. Some are a little crabby--and I just have to realize how tired they are. They've been working for over a week between the two fires. Today was my first day so of course I wasn't overly tired yet.

I need to do my best to be understanding and not bug people too much. That's my goal.

Oh, when I walked into the gym I had a great surprise. My good friend Tony was there. He volunteers in public relations. It's so funny--we met in improv class, then were in a writing critique group together, and around Christmas discovered that we both volunteer with the Red Cross. We have so much in common.

I really enjoyed talking to the nurses today. One of them, Sandy, was at Hurrican Wilma the same time I was, and MH and Health shared an office, but we didn't remember each other. Amazing that we didn't meet while there.

On the drive home my friend Mary Jo called. She was at the kebab-a-thon and wondered when I was going to get there. So I had to break the news that she and Tom (her husband) would have to have fun without me. :) She's a sweetie.

Friday, August 25, 2006

8/25 Disaster Work

I knew when I signed up to be on call for the Red Cross that sometimes I'd have to give up fun. So instead of performing and attending picnics, I'm going to be volunteering in Kenosha this weekend. Last week an apartment fire displaced I don't know how many people, but the entire building was totaled. And yesterday morning lightning struck another apartment building and 160 new units are affected.

Definitely I'll be there at 9:30 tomorrow morning for the day. They said they'd call if they need me after work today as well. Part of me is thinking, "Oh crap, I'll have to miss performing with Open Improv tonight. And I'll have to miss Aaron's picnic."

Then I mentally slap myself. These people have lost absolutely everything, and I'm whining about a picnic?.

I feel privileged to be able to help.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

8/24 Footprints

I sent an email to lots of folks, so you may already have this info. Sorry.

To read my entry in the contest go to Clarity of Night and click on my name or #18. My story is Footprints. Hope you like it.

8/24 Kayla and first grade

Kayla entered first grade on Monday. If Jill sends a picture, I'll post it.

Kayla loves it. The best thing about school is, "I get to eat in the cafeteria, and I can pick out my own food."

She also asked Jill, "When will I start really learning?"

Jill said, "Soon."

Kayla said, "Good. I want to be smart like you and daddy."

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

8/23 Why I went to Portland

I can't remember who I told, so will just put a few details here.

Asahi TV is one of the major networks in Japan. They're doing a documentary on behavior issues in schools. Although Japan is far behind the US in the amount of violence in schools, they're starting to catch up.

The director had interviewed the president of the Japanese branch of our company and wanted to film part of one of our workshops. We couldn't arrange one in Japan as quickly as they needed so two people from their LA office filmed part of a Portland, Oregon program. Since I do our media work (besides publishing, etc.) I went to Portland to assist while they filmed. Another colleague went with me, and he was interviewed.

It was quite interesting, and the reporter and cameraman were both nice. Even more important, they were very impressed with what we do. It's going to be a major advert for us to be in this documentary.

8/23 The Clarity of Night short fiction contest

I "stole" the information from the blogs of two friends. The first part is from Jeff. (Hi, Jeff.) And the rules are from the contest sponsor, Jason. (Hi, Jason.) Our friend, Anne, is involved in this project too.

Jason always has wonderful writing contests and the prizes are awesome. I'm going to enter, maybe some of you will as well. Check it out. Jer

short fiction contest

"Lonely Moon"

Jason Evans from The Clarity of Night is conducting another short fiction contest, this time in conjunction with U.S.A. Today Bestselling author, Anne Frasier, as part of a celebration for the upcoming release of her new book Pale Immortal on September 5th.
This is a great opportunity for all of us to share our writing in a fun and challenging atmosphere.

Check here for details.


  1. 250 words maximum.
  2. Titles are optional, but encouraged. Titles do not count towards your word count.
  3. One entry per person.
  4. Any genre or style is welcome.
  5. All rights remain with you, the author; however, you consent to the posting of your entry on this blog.
  6. Judging will be conducted by Jason Evans on the basis of pacing, entertainment value, technical use of language, storytelling, and voice.
  7. Please provide a name for your byline. If you have a website or a blog, I'd be happy to link your name to it. If you don't have a website or blog, feel free to include a short bio. A bio does not count towards your word count.
  8. At the close of the contest, I will announce the date and time for the announcement of winners.
  9. After the winners are announced, I will post what I liked most about each entry. Also, if you send a request to me by email, I would be happy to offer any constructive comments I might have. Constructive comments will be by private email.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

8/22 Sleepy

The Portland trip went by quickly. But last night was so much fun. I went out to dinner with Gretchen and Alan from CSz Portland. They are delightful! Gretchen and I got acquainted online when I moved to the UK. So of course I was thrilled to meet them in person. We went to dinner at McMenamin's (sp?) and then to the CSz arena. The tour was fun, and I enjoyed seeing the pics of so many people I know from tournaments.

It was still early so they took me to the Portland Rose Garden. Absolutely beautiful. Then they dropped me at the airport.

My flight left at midnight and I arrived back in Milwaukee at 9 AM. To work by 9:30 and went home at 10:30 to sleep. Didn't sleep a wink in the plane for some reason.

It felt good to nap today. Still feel really tired so I'll skip Open Improv tonight. Have some website proofing to do for the office.

(Thanks, Gret and Alan, for dinner and the grand tour. Hope we meet again soon.)

Sunday, August 20, 2006

8/20 Yawn

Went to bed about 9:30 last night and woke up at 2:30 AM Central time. Turned on CNN while I was getting ready and saw a commercial with Kosta from CSz LA. Can't wait to tell him. Fun way to start my day.

Everything worked out like I wanted. I was at the airport by 4 AM, first in line and got one of the two last aisle seats. Yay.

The 20 minute flight to Chicago caught me snoring so loudly I woke myself up. Now that's tired.

Because of that, I didn't close my eyes once on the flight from Chicago to Portland. When I got here, Julie and I met for a little while to talk about the plans for tomorrow. Then as soon as I got to my room, Gretchen called. She and her husband Alan (and maybe Betse and Bill) will pick me up for dinner tomorrow night. We're going to the Portland CSz hangout. Can't wait. Gretchen and I have been communicating for nearly three years but have never met. I've seen Bill and Betse at both World Championships I've attended, and love them both. Am really looking forward to meeting Alan and Gretchen.

Okay, I need a nap.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

8/19 To bed

Had a good day. Took a cruise with co-workers then a nice dinner. Came home early though to pack. And now am going to bed soon, since I have to wake up at 2:30 AM. Yep, you heard me. Am on the early flight to Portland. Will write more when I arrive.


Friday, August 18, 2006

8/18 On again, off again, on again

I'm going to Portland, OR on Sunday and will return on the red eye on Monday, arriving back in Milwaukee at 9 AM on Tuesday. Oh my, my bod is tired already.

The reason I'm going is a good one--business-wise and fun-wise. But there's no way I can work much on Tuesday, I'll have to sleep.

It's a long flight, and I have a middle seat because we made the arrangements late. I'm confident I can get it changed at the airport. To do so I'm going to arrive at the Milwaukee airport at 4 AM, for a 6 AM departure. It'll be worth it, just to get an aisle seat.

I'll miss the CSz picnic on Sunday and BroadMinded rehearsal on Monday night, but work does come first.

Oh yeah, there are moments when I'm responsible and act my age. Just because you haven't witnessed it before doesn't mean it never happens.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

8/17 The crowd should be buried

Stand-up last night did not go well. Basically my first time I walked away not feeling good about a performance. The crowd was sparse and dead. At first I owned it all until I realized it was happening to everyone. Even Tom, who always rocks, was practically having to stand on his head to get a response.

So I feel fine about it now. And I still love performing.

(But my rookie mistake was--because I wasn't getting much of a response from the audience I sped up and talked at the speed of light. Hard to do but I managed.)

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

8/16 Build Me Up, Buttercup

I love performing. Whether it's on stage or singing karaoke.

I really enjoyed last night's open improv. Lots of new people came. And it seemed that everyone had experience, which makes it even more fun. Then on to the New Yorker. I didn't stay late, but sang a few songs before taking off.

Working hard here. Chipping off a little at a time of the post-conference mountain of "stuff" on my desk.

Tonight is a stand-up performance. And it'll be fun too. I enjoy Tom Clark's humor, and he's a nice guy as well. (Hope I didn't curse him with that.)

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

8/15 I'm just thinkin...

A few months ago I was screaming at the top of my lungs, "I LOVE MY JOB!" Why this vague dissatisfaction now? I do feel overworked, but have never complained about that in the past. Much of the time I think one person can't do this job, yet I keep doing it. Sometimes not well, but I do it. I love the company, admire our mission, care about my coworkers, enjoy writing and editing, what's the matter with me?

Here I am, just turned 59, and wondering what I want to be when I grow up.

I suck.

Okay, I take that back. Perhaps this is just me having the post-birthday blues. Don't know. Except it's been this way for a few months.

Tonight will be enjoyable I think. I'll be writing at Alterra Coffee from 6-8 and have Open Improv from 8-10. My allergies are acting up, but other than that I feel good, and look forward to laughing until milk squirts out my nose.

Okay, I hate milk, but it's a metaphor.

Monday, August 14, 2006

8/14 Misc stuff

First of all, happy birthday to my sister-in-law Karen. I'm so happy to have you in the family. You make Jim so happy, and that's important. He's my little (big) brother after all. Hope your day is as special as you are.

I've got some open mic commitments for my stand-up, and we have some new possibilities for BroadMinded, so that's exciting. There's also a possibility for another guest set with Jen Kober next week when she's in Milwaukee. Things are going well with my comedy right now.

BroadMinded is soon to begin rehearsals for our October 13th performance at CSz. We'll actually make some money on this one. Of course we're thrilled about it. Even if it's just a few bucks a person, it's still money.

Everyone liked the embroidered tote bags I had made for them. (Oops, sounds like I made them. Nope, I had someone else make them for us, I just paid for it.) :) In return, everyone's buying me beer. I think I can milk this for a while.

More later.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

8/13 Hooray!

Yesterday went even better than I'd hoped. BroadMinded performed well (if I must say so myself), and we received so many compliments. People couldn't believe it was our first time performing. We received compliments on our acting, writing, and humor.

The only bad thing is that we ran really long, and had to cut our last sketch--Slumber Party. But that's okay. We can do it at ComedySportz in October. It's pretty cool, I think, and it's one that Megan wrote.

Everyone was really good, and I think our writing ranked up there with the best. It was tight without a lot of extra dialogue that just weighs down the sketch. That is a great feeling because I wrote some of the sketches.

There was so much talent there--each group brought a unique quality. It's amazing that sketch groups can be so different. Some were more serious, some avant garde, others cute, but my favorite as always was Gentlemen's Hour. It's composed of friends from CSz and our improv classes at Bucketworks. They are pure genius.

Now it's time to get busy and write new sketches. I have one written already, but will work on more. This is FUN!

Congrats to Matt Kemple, the theatre director of Bucketworks for his organizing and coordinating the first Milwaukee Sketch and Improv Festival. It was a blast, and a success from start to finish.

Friday, August 11, 2006

8/11 Lots going on

Both at work and at play, I've been very busy.

Tryng to get lots of things done so I can leave at 5 and go to Bucketworks. Even though BroadMinded doesn't perform tonight, MJ and I are going to help out. Should be fun.

And I may be going to Portland in about 10 days to work with a TV documentary crew from Japan. It would only be a one day trip, but will definitely be interesting.

Well, back to work so I can leave on time (or even a little early--gasp!).

Thursday, August 10, 2006

8/10 A good day

Got lots of work done and the day just flew by.

After work brought some Sketch Festival flyers down to JuJu (my friend Nichole's new boutique in the third ward). Then met MJ and Marcy at Bucketworks, and gave them a present. I got one for each member of BroadMinded, and can't wait to give one to the other members when I see them.

We don't perform until Saturday in the festival. But MJ and I are going tomorrow night as well to be at BroadMinded's table and hand out flyers. Then we'll get to watch all the other sketch groups perform. Should be tons of fun.

I'm so excited about Saturday. Need to keep going over the sketches so my lines are absolutely cemented. I think we're going to be pretty darn good. We'll see.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

8/9 Worked from home

Last night went out to karaoke after Open Improv. Had a great time with Mary Jo and a bunch of others.

Today I worked from home and got so much done. Still lots more to do in order to catch up after the conference, but I'm feeling a little more confident that I can finish this week or early next week.

Met Meg tonight at Bucketworks to see the new stage setup. Can't wait to perform there this weekend. It'll be so cool to watch the other groups too.

That's it. Boring. But I'm tired. G'night.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

8/8 Happy birthday, Jane!

I was 7 years and 6 days old when Jane was born. She's number four out of the nine. And although I was thrilled to have a new baby in the house, we joke about how I tried to kill her. Actually, I wasn't trying to kill her, but I did press on her stomach to see if she would cry.

She didn't cry then...but she sure did later in life. Puberty hit her hard and then hit her again and again and again. I don't think I ever have met anyone who whined as proficiently as she did (well, maybe her own kids...). She was a royal pain!

But other than the whining, which she grew out of, she's been a delightful sister. She took care of Grandpa after Grandma died, and after Mom died she moved back home to take care of Dad. Definitely a giver. Jane went to nursing school and was the nurse manager of the Emergency Department for nearly 20 years. She got her bachelor's and then her master's degree, and ultimately became a nurse practitioner. She is the "doctor" for nearly everyone in the family I think. I once gave her a picture of a doctor-looking female. And the caption I had put on it said, "I told you I AM NOT A DOCTOR." She always has to remind people of that.

One of my male friends said, "I don't care what you say. Anyone that does to me what you do had damn well better be my doctor."

Her patients absolutely love her. How do I know? Because every time I visit Quincy and am with Jane, people stop us everywhere we go to talk to her. And she is invariably kind to all of them.

She's also kind to us--in a smart-ass, Bozarth kind of way. (That's our family name.) Our funniest memory is when she and Joe were drinking in the back yard and they got in an arguement. She was so angry she threw a lawn chair at him. We always joke that it should be an Olympic event. And even though this was many years ago, we think she could still win the gold.

When my son, Rob, ran away from home senior year (17 years ago), he ran to Jane's house, six blocks away from where we lived at the time. It was comforting for me as a mother to know that Jane and Pete took him in, but made him live by my rules.

She and Pete have been married 21 years--and that's after dating for 10 years. They have two kids, Jordan (16) and Sarah (14). I'm close to both kids since I've stayed in their home so many times. Kind of a grandma substitute I think.

Anyway, I'm going on and on and need to get back to work. Happy birthday, sis. I love you.

Monday, August 07, 2006

8/7 Back to work

(August 2, 3, and 4 have been filled in. Check them out.)

Not much to report here because I've been too busy working. But I got a beautiful big package in the mail today from Beata and Rob. Some lovely birthday gifts that they'd picked up in Okinawa. I got a gorgeous purple kimono, some darling plates and bowls that I can't wait to use, some towels, and a lovely tea seat with the teapot and five cups (there always are five cups in Japan). Unfortunately one cup is broken, which breaks my heart. They are rather plain on the outside and the inside is blue enamel with two delicate butterflies painted. I can't wait to use my new tea set. This is the second one they've given me, and I love them both so much.

Rob and Beata, thanks a MILLION for your sweet and thoughtful gifts. By the way, the president of our Japanese office is here and I asked her to translate what's on the towels. Just wanted to make sure it didn't say, "World's Worst Mother-in-Law." :)

Thanks again. I love you.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

8/6 trying....

I'm trying to catch up but the site is "iffy" tonight.

Check out 8/2 and 8/3 for the first two updates.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

8/5 So much to say

So much to blog about, but no time to do so.

Will arrive home around 5 PM tomorrow evening, and I'll blog then, I promise. PROMISE!

Yeah, I know I promised a few days ago, but that was a lie.

Friday, August 04, 2006

8/4 To Quincy

Friday was busy at the conference, but it ended around 3:30 after all the pictures were taken of the award winners. I was able to leave St. Louis around 4:30 or so, which turned out to be okay. I hit some bad traffic trying to get out of town, but made it to Quincy in about 2 hrs 15 minutes instead of the usual 2 hours.

Jane, Sarah, and Jordan took me out for a birthday dinner. We went to the Abbey and everything tasted great, including the beer I had. Then we went to the movies. The only one we could agree on was You, Me, and Dupree, and about 20 minutes into it the movie fell off the reel and was all over the floor. At least that's what they told us. So everyone got a rain check and we went back to my niece Kris's house where I was staying. Jordan stayed with me since Kris was in St. Louis at a Cardinal's game. She didn't get back until around 2 AM.

I told Jane to go home because I was BEAT! Kris's house is really nice, but her cat makes my allergies crazy. Guess I won't be able to stay there anymore.

I normally stay with one of my sisters, but Jane's husband Pete is on crutches and I didn't want to bother them, and my sister Jan and her husband Tim were at her high school reunion all weekend and I didn't get to see too much of them. They did stop by Kris's on Friday night before going home, so that was nice.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

8/3 A long long day

Up at six, walked the three blocks in St. Louis humidity, and was working by 7 AM. Interviewed people and worked with the professional photographer all day.

At 6 it was "Taste of St. Louis." The pro photographer was gone by then so it was up to me to take photos again. But I didn't let it stop my eating. Omigod, the food. I can't do it justice in description, but there were many wine stations where all the wineries from St. Louis had freebies for us. And lots of people bought bottles, so it was a good move on the vineyards' part. The food was superb. Many stations with many specialties. So good. Yum! and the dessert station was the best of the lot. I ate myself sick with tiramisu. If they'd had bread pudding I would have known I was in heaven.

In bed at 10 and the snoring began immediately.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

8/2 My birthday

Last night at Open Improv Kish made a chocolate birthday cake for me. She is such a sweetie. And the cake was awesome. Afterward a bunch of us went to the New Yorker for karaoke. It was fun, but I got home late and only got four hours sleep.

It was really hard to get up at 5 AM to get ready for a six hour drive to St. Louis. The hardest part was that they just coated our driveway and I had to park a half block away. Dragging my luggage wasn't the hardest part. I also was bringing my PC to give to my sister Jan. Damn, that was not an easy start to my birthday.

The drive to St. Louis was pleasant, albeit a bit boring. But I sang all the way. I did get calls from Jill and the kids (the kids sang Happy Birthday to Grandma), and also got calls from Rob, Beata, Jan, and Jane, so that made the trip even better.

I went to BHR (my old company) to have lunch with my great friend Lesley. Turned out she thought I was arriving tomorrow and was already at lunch. Luckily it was with her daughter Sara and friend Rubym and I knew them both, so I joined them and had a lovely lunch.

BHR's new location is unbelievably beautiful. I really enjoyed the tour and seeing lots of folks I knew from when I worked there.

Arrived at the hotel about 3:30. Delivered materials from work to Adam's Mark and then went to my hotel, the Millenium, about three blocks away. Checked in, parked about a block away in a garage connected to the hotel by a tunnel.

Conducted my first interview at 5, and at 6 we had the welcoming reception. It was neat because I saw so many people I've known for years. I didn't get to visit much with anyone though because I had to take the photos during the reception. That was fun too in its own way.

We had a staff meeting at 9, then I walked to my hotel and was in bed by 9:45--dead to the world.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

8/1 Tomorrow is my birthday

And it always makes me reflective.

Yesterday I couldn't post because I was too busy, but it was all good stuff. Got a lot accomplished at work, and today am finishing up everything that I need to take to conference.

Last night BroadMinded's rehearsal was great. It was our very last one as a total group before the performance August 12. I leave tomorrow until Sunday and when I return both Melissa and Anne are gone. Mel is working at family camp and Anne will be in Germany. But while they're gone Megan and I can still rehearse our stuff which is good. We got the announcements for the show, so I'll begin to give them out. I'm really looking forward to it--even the pie in my face.

Tonight is Open Improv. I hope to be able to go, but I haven't even begun to pack yet.

So on my birthday I'm getting up at 5 AM and need to leave by 6 AM to drive to StL. Will have lunch with my friend Lesley in St. Louis. She used to be my boss when I lived there, but was my friend then too. What a doll! She's the founder, president and CEO of this super organization that does crisis work, both on the phone and through Mobile Outreaches.

Then after lunch I'm going to the hotel to check in. I have to interview someone at 5 PM, and then the opening reception happens. It should be fun. Even though we've hired a professional photographer, I'm doing the pictures for some of the evening events. That will be a stitch. 500 conference attendees plus about 30 staff. I know so many of the people it will be hard to concentrate on pictures when I'll want to be hugging, talking, and drinking beer. :)

Anyway, back to being reflective...

Nope, not yet. Will have to try to post tomorrow night about that. The six hour drive will give me plenty of time to think.