Monday, June 24, 2013

Enjoying this writing stuff

Another day at my sister's gazebo and pool. She is so kind to let me write here. Plus she supplies the iced tea. I've been here writing three out of the last four days, so am feeling quite productive.

Hard at work on my third book which is the second in the Sam Darling series. This series is going to be family friendly, with the "s" word as the worst thing that happens. Well, except the death, but as with all good cozies, the death happens off screen. Guess that's not true for AMITS. The guy falls over in the first line. No gore or blood however. :)

The Clarice Wilkins series is a bit more out there. There's more language in it, plus I really let my mind go, and have expanded my universe to include things that may or may not ever happen. It's a lot of fun when I can cast off the reins and just RUN...

Happy Reading! Jer

Friday, June 21, 2013

I finished it

I finished the first draft of Reality Is Murder. Hooray. Today I'll glance at it and clean up anything that needs cleaning up. Then it will go to my first readers and also my publisher. Two of my first readers are just that--readers. They are so important because they'll tell me if the story makes sense, if it's consistent, if the characters are lively and interesting, and if they would buy the book. The other first reader is a writer herself. She'll tell me the unvarnished truth, and when I'm finished crying, I'll take her advice.

To me, it's extremely important to get the readers' point of view because they're the ones who make a book a success or failure. It's not if I have every comma in place, it's whether the story carries the reader into the characters' universe.

I'm thrilled that Draft #1 is done.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Lovely writing time

This weekend has been full of family activities. I love that. But I crave time to write. So I'm sitting in the gazebo by my sister's pool and I'm going to carve out some time for fiction.

I'm struggling withe the ending of Reality Is Murder, and I want to finish it before I get back into Any Meat in That Soup? It's a good problem to have.

Who Killed My Boss? is doing better than expected. My publisher said since it's my first book and I'm unknown that I should expect to be around 200,000 on the best seller list. A few days ago I was 12,000 and was elated. I've settled around 54,000 now and my publisher and I are coming up with different marketing plans. Exciting for me.

Family time was and is fun. But it's nice when I can sneak away to write. (Wish I didn't have sweet tea. The ants are crazy about it.)

Monday, June 10, 2013

A good day

I was off work today, and it's been a great day. First I was able to announce the publication of my first book, I had a good Physical Therapy session, and then Gus and I volunteered at Blessing Hospital (Bay General in my book). We spent an hour on the Child and Adolescent Psych Unit and then 45 minutes on the Rehab Unit. As usual it was wonderful, and Gus did what he always does. He's a good therapy dog!

Who Killed My Boss?

Buy my book, please! :)

Ahhh! It's finally time. My book is officially published and ready for the public. I hope you check it out and are interested enough to buy it. If you like it, I'd appreciate a review on Amazon, and also please tell your friends about it. The book is available at Who Killed My Boss?

Thanks so much. 

Saturday, June 08, 2013

The result will be worth it

The day looks perfect, but before I can enjoy it, there are "chores" to do. First I have to do at least one load of laundry so I have clothes to wear. I haven't done laundry since last Thursday, and was at the Avon Breast Cancer Walk last weekend. When I got home Monday I was exhausted, and remained so all week.

But today, today is different. Gus and I will go to the office for a while so I can catch up on paperwork. Then, with those two chores completed, you can find us sitting outside--maybe Panera, maybe Starbucks. They both are close to my home. Depends on whether I want to be in the sun or not. And I'll write and write and write and write.

My goal is to complete Reality Is Murder before my knee replacement on July 10. Then I'll use the six/seven week recuperation period to work on the second Sam Darling mystery. Although I don't look forward to the surgery and the rehab, I look forward to having uninterrupted writing time.

And no knee pain.

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

6/5/13 One week away

My book is being formatted and uploaded soon. In one week we'll be able to  order it. It seems unreal that Who Killed My Boss? is finally a reality. I hope people like it for what it is--a humorous, light mystery.

I'm hard at work on a stand-alone book called Reality Is Murder. I'm about 90% done with the first draft, so this is the book that will be published next. The second in the Sam Darling Mysteries is called Any Meat in That Soup? It will be published in 2914. I plan to work on this manuscript when I'm recuperating from knee surgery. It will seem like a luxury to have  six weeks to write without having to go to my other job.

Writing is a joy most of the time. Other times it's almost painful--wringing out words that hopefully make sense and entertain those who read them.