Sunday, July 31, 2005

7/31 Gym again

This time I did 30 minutes on the treadmill and 15 on the elliptical. Not too bad for the second time.

Yesterday it felt good to swim, but today the pool is a little crowded, so I'm not going out. But I'm sure getting my dose of relaxation today and it is wonderful.

We'll see if I can drag my butt out of bed early to go to the gym before work. It will be crowded there at that time of day, but I know myself, and if I don't do it in the morning, I just won't go. But I've promised myself that if I don't go to the gym, I'll at least walk.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

7/30 To the gym

My first trip to the gym in a few years. I'd forgotten where things were located and had to ask. But it felt really good. I spent 33 minutes on the treadmill and 10 minutes on the elliptical. Tomorrow I'll spend more time on the elliptical. Want to build up some endurance. I believe that's my favorite machine. No strain on the knees. It's great.

Anyway, I felt pretty darn virtuous. Really hope I continue. One day down, and the rest of my life to go...

Friday, July 29, 2005

7/29 Lunch, yeah!

Went out for lunch with my friend, Bill. It had been a while since we were able to talk. It was great--sitting outside eating and chatting. When he was finished eating, and I had barely started, we both knew who had done the most talking. "Okay, Bill. You talk now. I'll eat."

I work tonight at CSz. Last week I had a great time, and expect the same tonight.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

7/28 Writing and more of same

Right now I'm writing an article for a journal and I'm editing an entire journal and three newsletters (two of them online). And I need to draft several letters for others in the company. It's a lot of writing and editing.

Don't get me wrong. I love doing it. But is it any wonder that I'm not working on my manuscripts at night? After 9-10 hours of writing and stuff at work, it's difficult for me to generate excitement about sitting in front of my computer at home and doing the same thing.

Any ideas on how to jumpstart my mystery writing again? Help!

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

7/27 A new development

I'm now assisting in getting a keynote speaker for our International Conference. Calling and writing letters to famous people is kind of fun. And it's not considered stalking.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

7/26 Writing continuum

I'm fortunate that I get paid to write and edit (among other things). There are so many types of writing though.

There's the fiction I write (mysteries), emails to family and friends (chatty and unedited), business emails (less formal than letters, but still more formal than ones to family), my blog (informal ramblings), articles for publications (informal to formal/scholarly, depending on which magazine/journal I'm writing for), legislative letters (formal), sales letters (formal but chatty), testimony for legislative/regulatory hearings (don't write this often, but it's very formal), and there's more--but you get the drift.

A lot of the above pays the bills, so I have time to write the fiction I love.

I've come to the conclusion that I may never get my manuscripts published, and that's okay. I can be happy that I'm fairly well-published in my field. That's something unexpected. And cool.

But those articles just aren't the same as getting a mystery published. Nose to the grindstone time.

Monday, July 25, 2005

7/25 Back to work and happy about it

As usual, I'm so busy and feeling overwhelmed. But also, as usual, I love it. The job allows me to be creative and mostly self-directed. Writing and editing are tons of fun. So I can easily put up with some of the lesser-fun tasks.

I miss my family. The "boys" got together at the cabin over the weekend for a marathon Texas Hold-'em tournament. Wish I could have played.

Spoke to Jill and my grandkids Thursday, but not over the weekend. Don't know why.

Rob's emailed a few times. Bea has gone to Denmark for three weeks, so he's probably a little lonely. For whatever reason, it was wonderful to hear from him.

Yesterday I posted pictures of our family reunion from last weekend. Such fun! When Jill and kids come to Quincy in October, I so hope that Rob and Beata will be back in the states. It's so unusual for me to have both my kids with me at the same time. I'll be in mommy heaven.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

7/24 Wonderfully wasted day

It was too hot to even swim today. So I stayed in and wasted the day. Well, it wasn't a total waste. I came in second in a small poker tournament and won $25. I came in 250th in a HUGE tournament (over 2,000 people) and won $3--which was cool because the tournament only cost me a dollar to enter. Other than that, I didn't do much of anything.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

7/23 Of course there's no sun

I'm home on a weekend, looking forward to swimming in the pool right outside my door. And of course, we're going to have a thunderstorm. I'm resigned to that being the case on the rare weekends I'm home. Lord knows that we don't have a long summer here in Wisconsin, but what we do have is PRIME. Except for the not-infrequent thunderstorms.

I love thunderstorms actually. But not when I want to swim. And this weekend is Festa Italiana at the lakefront. The good news is that tomorrow is sunny. Did I say good news? There's a heat advisory and it's going to be in the mid-90s. Not something we experience a lot. But at least I can swim.

So guess I better get some work done today, so I can enjoy tomorrow. I watched Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat this afternoon instead of working.

Oh-oh... lots of thunder and lightning. Guess I better turn off the computer.

Friday, July 22, 2005

7/22 I love my life

I know. It's weird. But every now and then I have this absolute feeling of wellbeing and that all is well with me.

It started at the opthamologist's office yesterday afternoon. My eyes haven't gotten worse. After nearly 3 years. That's good news. And I don't have to buy new glasses. Even better news.

Told him that I take my glasses off at work, especially when using the computer (which is always). He said that it's perfect. The distance from my eyes to the monitor uses my optimum vision.

Plus he's just an adorable guy. I told him I can't call him "Doctor" because he's so young and cute. So I call him Doug. And it's all I can do not to call him Dougie.

Tonight I work at CSz. I haven't worked in a month because of being out of town so many weekends. So I'm really looking forward to it. And this is the only night I'm working, so I'll have Saturday and Sunday totally free.

There's so much to do at home--I really need to dig in. And if the weather's nice, perhaps I can actually use the pool. That would be a nice change.

Lots to do here at work, so I better get busy.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

7/21 Big Nosed Ugly Guy

He's a cyber-pal of mine and an interesting guy with an interesting blog. I added his blog to my links on the right side of the page, toward the bottom.

Anyway, he lives in London and writes eloquently about the situation there. He also turned me on to a website called We're Not Afraid. It's superb, and I'm going to contribute a picture. Check it out!

7/21 An odd day!

The day started out normally, except I got here really early--sometime between 7:30 and 7:45 AM. After our all staff meeting at 8:30, the Creative Department put out six bundt cakes. They're having a contest to see which graphic artist made the best bundt cake. The new Creative Director is doing lots of fun things like that. They had a Sponge Bob Square Pants contest where each one of them had to use Playdoh and make a character. Interesting. Anyway, I've done so well on my eating plan lately, but blew it today with the damn bundt cakes. But I'm under control again, so no big deal. (Hope so anyway.)

Then suddenly the sky turned black and green, and scary looking. And sirens started going off. So we all had to go into our safe rooms. But then we heard an announcement saying it was just a severe thunderstorm watch rather than warning, so back to work we go. The sky is a little bit brighter now, but not much.

An interesting day. Interesting bundt cake too.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

7/20 What a day!

Had a really good day. From 11-2 I did a disaster drill with a company that handles aviation disasters and other mass casualty-producing incidents. When I walked in--there sat my friend from a million years ago. When I was a vice-president of a child welfare agency in Illinois, she was also a vice-president at another child welfare agency. We had to go to many of the same meetings, and even though she lived in Chicago and I lived in Quincy, we became close friends. She's retired now, and still living in the Chicago area. Because she's a licensed clinician like I am, we both are doing this disaster and trauma work but hadn't seen each other in years. It was a great surprise. So after we finished, I had a meeting to go to and Ann waited at my office. We then went out for a quick lunch (the agency where we had the drill, didn't have any vegetarian food), and caught up on each other's lives.

What a wonderful treat!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

7/19 Stomach woes

I've been on meds for several months now, but last night had lots of pain. This morning too. I'm waiting for the new prescription to arrive for stronger meds. We'll see.

One sign of a compulsive overeater is someone who eats even when in pain. (Who, me?)

As a kid I was never fat, but was never thin either. When I had to have throat surgery in 7th grade, the night before I could barely swallow--my throat was so swollen. But I ate a breaded pork tenderloin, french fries and a chocolate shake. I knew there would be the dreaded Jell-o for a few days, so wanted to eat some "real food." It literally took me hours, but I finished every bite. Now that's a compulsive overeater, ladies and gentleman. I was so physically active that it didn't affect me much.

The following year I had my tonsils out, and don't recall an eating frenzy prior to that. Good girl, Jer.

Monday, July 18, 2005

7/18 More from the weekend

Know about the Red Hat Society? It's from the poem "when I am old I shall wear purple." Women "of a certain age" wear purple clothing and red hats. Sounds like a hoot, but I don't think I'd do it. I do love to run in packs, but want to be an individual while I do that. Anyway, as I wrote these notes in my journal I was sitting at Union Station in Chicago. About 30 women just got off a train, all in a Red Hat Society. About 20 minutes later another train discharged even more. Must be a convention...or a sale on red hats.

Sunday 7/17 Up at 4:30 AM, but feel okay. Jan woke up long enough to say good-bye. She's a sweetie. I drove her car to the train station and she and Tim will pick it up later. I was so sweaty even though it's so early. So hot and muggy. The train left at 6:15 AM. As usual business class was great. Don't know if I slept, but I sure relaxed.

Something I forgot. My niece Jessi went to the bookstore Friday night to get the new Harry Potter book (mine was delivered to work on Saturday). She was standing in line, waiting for midnight and the book sale to begin and she chatted with a woman behind her in line. The woman kept saying, "You'd be perfect for my son, Barrett. You sound just like him." She asked Jessi for her phone number so her son could call. When Jess told the woman her last name, the lady said, "Bozarth? Are you related to Jeri Bozarth?"

Jessi said, "That's my aunt." The woman introduced herself and said she went to high school and college with me. When Jess told me I couldn't believe it. Linda H. and I hung out together when we were young. For some reason she doesn't come to the reunions so I haven't seen her in quite a while. How cool!

On the way down to Quincy I did final edits on the printer's proof of the RCY. That felt good. Then I went through POUNDS of paper that had edits on my novel dating back to 1998. That is horrific. Has it really been that long since I took my first book seriously? Then I remembered I had a critique group here in Milwaukee in 2003, but still hadn't checked out the suggestions from my group in St. Louis in '98.

I'm going to give the book one last edit and then send it off to agents. I only sent query letters once and it was in '97 or '98. I have the rejection slips. One of them was a "good" rejection. She liked my writing style and wanted to see my second book. Promising!

The book isn't the same book--it's changed significantly since the first draft was started and finished in 1995. Ten years ago. Wow.

Now that I write and edit for a living, my fun writing (murder mysteries) has just about ceased.

It's time to change that.

7/18 Monday
The photographer from the Business Journal was here today and took photos for the August 12 edition. I'm really excited about that.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

7/17 Weekend summary

Just didn't have time to blog over the weekend, but now that I'm home, it's a priority. :)

7/15 Friday

The business class part of the train has been updated. I love it. Seats turn into quasi-beds. Wonderful and so worth the $14 one way.

Jan and Tim picked me up. The train was a little late and we were tired. Went to bed about 11. I had no food with me for the picnic tomorrow and forgot my auction items so I needed to go to the store on the way to the picnic.

7/16 Saturday

Awake at 6:30, got up at 7 and showered. By the time I got downstairs, both Jan and Tim were up. We sat on their expansive wraparound porch and enjoyed our coffee. I love their home--lovely, warm and welcoming. Just what Jan wanted it to be.

Jessi woke up and we decided I'd go to town with her, and Jan would go to Kris's to pick her up.

Jessi and I had a nice talk on the way to town. At Hyvee Food Store I saw my friend Rose. So good to see her after just being together last weekend for our class reunion. (Later I remembered that last weekend I said I'd go to her house this morning to connect her computer--I hate that I forgot it.)

After buying some food, we went to the Dollar Tree to buy some trinkets for the kids to bid on at the auction.

The family reunion was a hoot. Aunt Millie and Uncle Tom's kids and grandkids hosted. They always have the best games. As usual we ate well--not necessarily healthy but well. 'Nuff said.

Afterward, the games began. They did a great job of planning The Amazing Race. They drew names to form six-person teams. We had to name our teams and choose a captain. Omigod it was hilarious.

The first game was BALLOON TOWERS where we had to build a tower out of balloons and tape. Second game was having your team walk with LOGS on their feet. Third game was SCRABBLE where you had to pick up these huge tiles--as many as two team members could pick up in ten seconds. Then the entire team made words out of the letters. The fourth game was the OBSTACLE COURSE. It consisted of running over some hula hoops making sure you stepped in each one. Then people held some small hula hoops upright and you had to crawl through them (although the more athletic folks dove through). Then we had to throw a whiffle ball through a hanging hoop. Then run around a tree, grab a bat, lean over and put your head on the end of the bat and circle five times. Then run like crazy back to the beginning where you tagged your next teammate. That last bit of running when you're incredibly dizzy was the funniest bit ever.

Then we had the auction--everyone brings "stuff," we auction the items, and then we draw names to give away the money made during the auction. I spent $14 but won $5, so I did okay. Then they chose two-person teams for the final game--Old Fart Jeopardy. My team came in second. A really fun game.

Afterward we sat and visited. It was so incredibly hot and humid, but they had two big fans which helped. Here's how hot it was--I drank six bottles of water and one beer, and didn't go to the bathroom the entire time we were there--six and a half hours.

My family then went to niece Kris's house. We ordered pizzas and nachos from Gem City Pizza and Mexican (I love that name).

Then we laughed,and I do mean laughed. My brother Joe kept doing his Joe Cocker impression and it killed. We did all kind of requests, Joe did Walter Brennan doing Joe Cocker. John did Katherine Hepburn doing Joe Cocker. But Jane mistakenly requested Audrey instead of Katherine Hepburn, and someone started singing "I could have danced all night" a la Audrey Hepburn, but really Tippi Hedren.

The above will definitely find a place in one of my books. Finally about 11 I said I had to get up at 4 AM so needed to get some sleep. By the time we got back to Jan and Tim's it was about 11:30 and I packed, and got to bed by midnight.

Am too tired to write about today--Sunday--but will fill in that blank tomorrow.

Friday, July 15, 2005

7/15 In a rush

I'll leave work at 2 to catch a train to Quincy. But just because I leave the physical spot called "work," doesn't mean I'm leaving the massive pile of stuff called "work." I'm taking lots of stuff on the train, most notably the printer's proof of the RCY (journal) and a few legislative letters.

And (BIG NEWS) I'm also taking a hard copy of my manuscript to do some editing. It's been forever since I've worked on the final draft of the novel, but I'm doing it. Going through edits from my old writing critique group. Haven't touched this in many months, but I'm psyched about doing it.

That's what I love about trains.

That, and the fact that you can drink and ride.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

7/14 Full of doughnuts

We had a special occasion here at work--hence, the doughnuts. A colleague, who is in the Army Reserves, was called up and sent to Iraq last year. He's home on leave for two weeks, so he and his family came to our all-staff meeting this morning. Also, his commanding officer attended. Our owner presented Bob will a neat poster designed by our graphic artists and signed by all the staff. Then the colonel gave our company a nice award for our support of Bob. It was really touching.

This made me think a lot about war (macro) and individual soldiers (micro). I hate war (most people do). But I hate THIS war. Yet, I appreciate Bob and his family's sacrifice. I can't imagine being pulled out of my regular life to go to war for more than a year.

But saying, "I hate the war, but I support the soldiers" has become cliche'. I hate the war, and I don't want our people to get killed. I don't want Iraqi people to be killed. Yet, I do appreciate the sacrifice individuals make. Omigod, I could go on and on and on.

With my son in the Special Forces, it's even more difficult to sort out my feelings. I love Robbie passionately, and am also passionately proud of him.

I hate our country's cowboy attitude. I dislike President Bush and his policies. I love our soldiers.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

7/13 I'm boring

I know I am. Right now there's nothing interesting happening. Well...unless you want to hear about the Sales Meeting today and all the legislative letters I've drafted today to get read for it. No? I didn't think so.

A good friend of mine could be singing the old song, "Torn Between Two Lovers." Yeah, you're all too young to remember it. And it's not memorable anyway. Except for the title. I really feel for my friend--you wait around for the right person and then two right people show up in your world at the same time. It's like God playing a joke.

"Gotcha, kiddo. You say you want a sweetheart? How about two?"

Then there are those of us who God isn't even teasing at the moment.

Back to work. I'm confident, productive, and smart here. In the other part of my life, not so much...

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

7/12 Another day at work--Yay!

But it's a good one. I finished a lot this morning. Am now eating a great casserole with fresh zucchini and fresh tomatoes, both from my sister's garden. I added onions and mozzarella cheese. Tasty stuff!

I finished the newsletter and one journal. Then I began another Journal. This one will be more difficult, but still worth it, because it's going to be excellent. I received some great articles from authors, plus I have permission to reprint another article. So I'm feeling good.

At least feeling good about the editing part of my job. The PR/Media and sales stuff--wow, I'm so far behind. But having lots to do gives me job security at least.

Thursday we're having a photographer from the Milwaukee Business Journal come. We're being honored in the Beyond the Paycheck section of the Journal on August 12. I'm pretty psyched about it all, especially because I nominated us. It feels good.

Monday, July 11, 2005

7/11 Working again

I've been buried under a load of editing. Didn't do it over the weekend because I was busy writing and re-writing a comedy act for the class reunion. Worth it though.

I changed my California trip in August to be one day longer, and can now go to Joanne and Lynn's birthday party. It's on a boat off Newport Beach in Orange County. How could I say no to that invitation? I'm quite excited about it.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

7/10 Home again

It feels good to be back in Milwaukee (but I still wish Milwaukee was closer to Quincy).

The class reunion weekend was total bliss except for one incident with one person. I'm so very proud of how I handled the situation. Very cool, very sophisticated. I liked me.

But other than that one tiny thing--it was awesome. Our class was small enough that we knew everyone, so I got to visit with so many people. And at our age it doesn't matter if we hung out with the person in school or not.

My favorite part was talking to the classmates from my grade school. What fun to speak to folks who still called me Jerilyn. Two guys especially said things like, "I can say what I want to you, Jerilyn. We've known each other since we were five." Another one, "Jerilyn, remember kindergarten?" It was marvelous discussing just about anything with folks.

I spent time with Donna--my best friend in grade school, and Amanda--my best friend in high school. There's a comfort that's still there, even though we don't see each other much.

As I sat after dinner, I looked around and remarked how I just loved this group. It's amazing. I'm already looking forward to the next one in five years.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

7/9 Class reunion is over for another five years

I loved my class reunion. What a great bunch of people. The most difficult part all night was getting the damn class picture taken. Took forever, it seemed, but it will be worth it. Then Steve (the photographer and a classmate) took pictures of each group of folks who went to grade school together. What a great time that was. My friend Bill had a picture taken by himself because he was the only kid who went to St. Joseph's grade school--way out in the country. The other kids who went there, went to high school in Liberty rather than Quincy. All except Bill. His wife, Donna, was my best friend in grade school. We lived in the same neighborhood. Our grade school always has the biggest crowd. St. Francis had huge classes. We graduated 100 boys and 100 girls--the same number that graduated from high school with us (approximately).

Another country school had five women and one guy. He sat on a chair and the gals just hung all over him. It was absolutely hilarious. I can still laugh out loud just picturing it.

And, as for my comedy routine, it went over so well--I actually believe it was the best yet. I'd added quite a bit of stuff, and subtracted quite a bit of stuff. What I added was from some fun conversations last night--that mostly revolved around the nuns who taught us in grade school. I liked almost all of them, but there were two that made my life hell. In fourth grade Sr. Nicholas made me scrub the classroom floor with a toothbrush because I kissed a boy. Actually I chased him around the classroom and kissed him.

Then in 8th grade, Sr. Miriam Francis kicked me off the cheerleading squad because of "talking in ranks." But the coup de grace was that she gave me an F in conduct also. That was because one time she was just nagging at me and wouldn't shut up. Drove me over the edge.

Well, I'd found out what her "real" name was. In those days, we weren't allowed to know. I won't say how I found out because my methods may have been illegal. But anyway, she wouldn't shut up so I lost it and said, "Keep your pants on, Betty." Omigod I thought she would stroke out she was so mad at me. I had straight A's and an F in conduct.

Makes great comedic fodder.

7/9 It's Saturday already?

I just got in from the Friday night shindig. Guess we old folks do know how to party after all. Friday was fun--I slept late because I was up late last night. Jan, Jane and I had lunch at a Greek restaurant. The salad was superb.

Then I went with Jan to her house in Missouri since some cousins were coming over to see the place. Jane, Pete and Jordan came over too, as well as Kris, and we had a wonderful pasta dinner. I appreciated it more as the night wore on, because I didn't eat any food at the reunion.

We had a blast at the informal get-together. It was just plain fun. Lots of laughter, lots of silliness. Some really great connecting with old friends.

A bunch of us went to the Coach House for an early breakfast. All I wanted was toast, so felt pretty virtous. A friend from CA and I were flirting and silly all night so I told the server that he'd pay for my meal. Turns out he's staying at his brother's home which is on the same road as Jane's. Funny guy...I enjoyed spending time with him.

Tomorrow is mass (for those interested), dinner and fun. And I was asked to do my little comedy bit, so I said yes. But now I have to rehearse tomorrow instead of editing those journals. Ah well, it'll be fun I think. We'll see.

Friday, July 08, 2005

7/8 Love it here...

Yesterday went by much too quickly to post. It's been a while since I missed a day.

I worked from 8-12 and still had to bring some editing projects (a journal and a newsletter) with me. I left the press releases in Milwaukee though and will do them first thing Monday.

The drive took exactly 6 hours, and I listed to a book on CD the whole way. This is the first one I'm not impressed with. My fault because I bought it. Or maybe it's their fault because they didn't tell me the writer was an amateur. I know my first one is better than this. Anyway...

Got to Jane and Pete's house at 6. Jane was at a meeting. Sarah is at camp. So I talked to Pete and Jordan for a while, checked my email, and then just sat for a little bit. Exhausted.

Turned out no one but Amanda and I could make it last night to Instant Replay. But we had our share of $1 long necks--her Bud Light and me Miller MGD. Funny--Quincy is only two hours from St. Louis so most loyalty goes that direction. We did have a great time catching up, so it's probably good we were by ourselves.

I'm having lunch with my sisters--Jane and Jan--at 12:30. They both are only working a half day today. Jane is a nurse practioner and Jan is a nurse at the same clinic. They always have lunch together anyway. That's another thing that makes me jealous and homesick.

Need to buy some new sandals for tomorrow night so I'll do that today.

Tonight is the informal get-together at the Quincy Boat Club. It will be great. The time when we just stand around, drink or no drink, and talk, reminisce and laugh. Sometimes we have such a good time we'll go to someone's house afterward and continue the party. Probably not anymore. We're old now. :)

Then tomorrow night is a party at the Elks. It's a nice place, new. We'll have dinner, dancing and a program. I'm almost scared they'll ask me to do my comedy routine, and if so I'm ill-prepared. So hope that doesn't happen.

That's it from Quincy for now. Haven't seen any of my other relatives and I'm not sure I will. But am coming back next weekend for a big family reunion. My family gets together constantly, but this is my mom's side of the family and it's huge. We do this once a year--it's such fun. We do this with dad's side of the family every year too. Not as many people, but still fun. I didn't make it this year for that one.

Oh, I know I'll see Jan's husband Tim. She and Tim are going to crash my reunion. Tell you about that tonight or tomorrow. Gotta run.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

7/6 Still working

Went from one meeting to another, to a haircut, to getting my picture taken, to a meeting, etc. And I got interrupted so many times by customer calls. Customers never call me. They usually email.

Anyway, I'm done whining now. Have a little more to do today. Not much. Then home to pack. I leave at noon tomorrow.

Several of my high school chums and I will gather at a local watering hotel tomorrow night to have a pre-reunion reunion. A place that has longnecks for $1. God, I love Quincy.

My picture, taken outside...

It's not good enough for my professional headshot, but it's good enough for my intranet bio and for the Mohonk brochure (for the presentation I'm giving in NY state in October).

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

7/5 Sleepless in Brown Deer

I stayed awake until 1 (on purpose, not insomnia) and got up at 6. So I'm yawning. But my car's in the shop getting readied, and I'm getting lots of work done.

Yesterday was so stormy and rainy and cloudy--really affected my mood until I watched The Fokkers. Then I laughed most of the day. Amazing how one silly movie can cheer me up.

I left files laying about the house, still have more pitching to do. But I doubt I'll be awake enough to do any work when I get home. I'm beat.

But there's one thing I'm wishing and hoping and praying for...I hope some of my relatives have some ripe tomatoes for me to devour (and to bring back to Milwaukee). Quincy is about 6 hours south, so I'm thinking this might be a timely visit. Fresh tomatoes--one of God's wondrous gifts.

Monday, July 04, 2005

7/4 Fourth of July Celebrations

Yeah, I celebrated by cleaning out some files, putting some items on eBay, and overeating. Blame my weight gain on thunderstorms. It was a pitiful day.

Tomorrow I have to get up at 6 because I have to take my car in for repair before my trip to Quincy on Thursday.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

7/3 At work again

Got in at 9:15 again. Guess that's what my internal clock says is the right time to begin working. Well, not really. It's only because I stayed up until 2:15 playing online poker and chatting with two of my brothers who were also playing.

Jay and Jim had me laughing so hard. So of course I didn't win anything. But I played in one $3 tournament and four $1 tournaments. So it's still cheaper than going to a movie. That's how I justify any of my frivolous spending. If it's cheaper than a movie, then I can do it.

We'll probably play again tonight. For $1 you get $1500 in poker money. So it's quite a bargain. :)

Last night Jill IMd me while I was playing. She said, "You've certainly gotten addicted to poker." Or something like that. I replied that the poker wasn't important...I was bonding with my brothers.

I have lots to do here at work, then will go swimming again. I don't want to "sun" but I do want to get a little color for my reunion next weekend. Can't wait for that.

I just reviewed the to-do list for this weekend. All that's left to do is ready more items for eBay, drink a beer on my deck, and SLEEP.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

7/2 Quiet day but good

I slept until about 8 and got to work by 9:15. Worked until 1:30 and got so much done with no one else there. I'm going in either tomorrow or Monday for another 1/2 day and I'll feel really good by the time Tuesday arrives.

After work I came back here and swam a while. Just two other people in the pool, so that was nice. Then watched a movie I'd rented--Sideways. I enjoyed it. Have more to watch over the weekend.

My family is getting together twice this weekend. Once at John and Paulette's and once at Jan and Tim's. I'm jealous.

Friday, July 01, 2005

7/1 Summerfest and summer fun

But I'm not going to Summerfest this year. I do have two free tickets if anyone wants them.

My three-day weekend will consist of:

1. Swimming in our pool
2. Drinking a beer on my deck
3. Giving more clothes to Goodwill
4. Readying some more items for eBay
5. Coming into the office 2 out of 3 days
6. Thinking about what my sibs are doing on the 4th
7. Sleep

It's not exciting. If it were I'd have to change the name of my Blog.