Monday, August 22, 2016

8/22 Took a day off

Took a day off from writing today because I had some appointments this morning (ugh). Then I met with my trainer. After getting beaten up, I came home and had an easy day. But I'm ready to write tomorrow. I'm at a point in the story where things are happening and I'm having a ton of fun being the orchestrator of it.

I've had a few other ideas to add to the story, and that makes it even more fun. Oops, will take a break from this to write those down. I'm forgetful. Okay, I'm back. That was quick, wasn't it?

This book is a little bit different. It still has the same cast of regulars, but it starts with something sad. Then there are some very happy and surprising things that happen. And ultimately, happiness will prevail, I'm sure, because at the root of it all, the author is an optimist.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

8/17 Being good...yes, I am

Reached 9400 words today, and I'm content. I could still be writing if I didn't have other jobs. I know I said this yesterday, but it bore repeating. :)

I'm excited about Who Dies Next? because it deals with people confusing good and evil, or evil disguised as good.

Flies are buzzing around me this morning on the patio. I did take a shower this morning, and Gus is clean, so it must be the food crumbs. Plus, since this is a restaurant, they can't use bug spray or anything like that.

Time to move on to my QU job. I only have to metaphorically move though, because the work is on the same computer. Yeah, life is good.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

8/16 It's moving along

Up to 8500 words in Who Dies Next? If I didn't have other jobs besides writing I would keep going today. The plot seems to be flowing, and I'm enjoying the ride.

It's only Chapter 6 and I already know who one of the villains is. Yeah, I think there might be two. Or maybe more. They'll let me know as I write.

I so enjoy finding out about who is who as my fingers fly across the keyboard. One of my main flaws is that I'm always going back to fix typos. Common writing wisdom is not to edit as you write the first draft. My problem is that I'm worried I'll forget what the word was really supposed to be. So this slows me down. However, the process seems to be working for me.

This is book 7, but actually 9 when you count the two compilations. Triple Trouble Too is in process and it contains books 4 through 6: Will You Marry Me?; Where Is Henderson?; and Who's the Rogue? It's quite an exciting endeavor to see three of my books in one volume. Plus it will be a bargain!

Okay, off to work on one of my other jobs—teaching at Quincy University. Classes start on Monday and I have a lot of preparing to do. More later.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

8/11 Writing woes...

Why in the world do I read my reviews? I saw a fairly negative one recently and it brought me down. Now this was one negative one in the midst of many five-star reviews. I wonder why that one almost negates all the really good ones.

It's because I'm human I guess. I take all my reviews seriously, both good and bad. And sometimes the negative ones have something to teach me. I've actually made changes in the next book based upon something I agreed with in a few-star review.

However, I think some are just mean, and I do my best to ignore them. Or to let them roll off of me without injury.  It's a skill I'm trying to improve on. :)

In the meantime, I do want to encourage readers to keep reviewing, no matter what you have to say. Reviews are like life blood to an independent writer. We thrive on them. The more reviews, the more attention we get from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other sites.

So I'll keep writing, and you keep reviewing. Please.

Monday, August 08, 2016

8/8 Writing is sometimes fun

The last few days I didn't write since I was going over the proof of the paperback of Who's the Rogue? Remember, that's part of the writing profession that doesn't produce new words, but is a necessary evil. Not evil exactly, but certainly not as fun as writing a new story. Anyway, that's now done and sent to my publisher.

Today I got to write, and produced a little more than a thousand words. Who Dies Next? (hereafter known as WDN?) now stands at 6,685 words. And I'll do more than a thousand tomorrow. I definitely want to get in the writing groove, so that it's an automatic thing to sit down each morning and write.

It's not that I don't enjoy writing, I really do. It's just that other things get in my way. Today Gus and I are volunteering at an Alzheimer's Unit and then I meet with my trainer. If I waited until after that to write, my brain would be mush already. So I do it in the morning. From 8 to about 10:30 (Central Time) I do my marketing, FaceBook, Twitter, blog, and writing. It works perfectly for me.

Then I have my other part-time jobs to do. Right now, I'm preparing for the university classes to start. I have a lot of work to do to make that happen. I only teach one class at a time, so it's fun and not a pain.

My third part-time job, as a program counselor for an international au pair agency, is something I can't schedule. I do that work as I get referrals, and it's usually fest or famine. :)

Saturday, August 06, 2016

8/5 I promise I'm writing and other stuff.

I'm more than 5,000 words into book 7. It should be more. However, I'm realizing that being an author is a lot more than just writing. Today I'm looking at a proof of the paperback of Book 6, Who's the Rogue? That has to count for something, right?

Despite that disclaimer I'm still going to get to 6,000 words today. Yes, I am. Naysayers and nonbelievers can just wait and see.

Off to proof...

Wednesday, August 03, 2016

8/3 The aftermath of my birthday

My confession. Yesterday, on my 69th birthday, I didn't write a word. Well, except to say "thank you" to my friends on FaceBook for their good wishes.  So now it's time for me to get back to work.

Except—I woke up this morning and realized my driver's license expired yesterday. Yikes.

Monday, August 01, 2016

8/1 A little more

I took off from writing yesterday (Sunday), so it's not going as fast as I'd like. However, I will get to 5,000 per week because Who Dies Next? seems to be flowing pretty well.

I'm at 3,673 today. So a few hundred short of the goal. I'll catch up in two days. Tomorrow is my birthday so I may not write. I don't like to write when I'm drunk. (Just kidding. I love it.) I probably won't really drink tomorrow, but will enjoy being totally lazy. My gift to me.

Tomorrow is my Online Birthday Bash. If you didn't get an invitation and you want one, just let me know. Two of my friends are showing LipSense (cosmetics) and LuLaRoe (clothing). I love both products a lot.

Just finished writing this morning, and am getting ready to meet with my trainer. It's a new experience for me and I'm hurting. :) However, I'm hopeful I will start to see results in a week or so.