Saturday, November 23, 2019

11/23/19 Where have I been? Am I even alive?

To all my wonderful readers: I am here and I am writing. My writing is inconsistent but it's getting better. No excuses, but I will speak a little bit about the "why."

In March, I had an unexpected health scare. I had multiple pulmonary emboli, in every lobe of my lungs, so many that they didn't even attempt to count. After a four day hospitalization, I began a long recovery. The emoboli are gone and I'm fine in that respect, but the "near death" experience changed a lot about me.

I became kind of depressed and more withdrawn. If you know me at all, you know that it isn't me. I hid it fairly well, but didn't have the energy to write.

The good news is that I'm not depressed and am writing again. Where's My Passport? is about half done, and I'm actually enjoying working on it. No book has ever taken me so long. Besides being ill, part of the book takes place in Ireland, so I have to do some research, which I haven't had to do with other books taking place in Quincy.

So I'm back to my old self, and want to make sure that you, my patient readers, are rewarded with another book at the end of this.

Thanks so much for waiting. I appreciate your kind comments when you see me. It never gets old hearing how much you enjoy my books. Never gets old at all. Thanks again.

More later.