Saturday, July 10, 2004

7/10 Saturday by the pool

Okay, I wasn't by the pool, I was in it. Today was enough that I didn't need to turn on my air conditioner, but warm enough that I didn't freeze when I got out of the pool. Other than that I didn't do much, except work on my website. I posted the pictures from LA in June and fixed up the Denmark pictures so they aren't so big.

Spoke to a few women who were sitting under an umbrella by the pool. Turns out a former neighbor died of lung cancer. She'd sold her condo before I left for the UK, and I bought a few items from her. A beautiful huge Chinese screen that I haven't hung yet. And I also bought a Chinese statue that's on the floor in my dining room. I was sad to hear about Bea, but not surprised. She was ill and that's why she sold her place. I also notice that it's the downside of living in a place where most people are retired, and it seems folks are always either moving to Florida, nursing homes, or even dying. That sucks. And even though I'm one of the younger ones living here, it does put mortality right in front of your face all the time. Enough philosophizing for today.

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