Saturday, July 03, 2004

7/3 Saturday BBQ

Up early and made a big fruit salad. Went to Bill and Joel's at 12:30. Met some of their friends including two precocious eight-year olds, Kayla and Page. They were fun. I also enjoyed the other folks there. Bill and Joel's home is lovely. Joel has a flair for decorating, plus the garden and lawns are beautiful. I ate too much, as usual,and enjoyed two Leinenkugel Honey Weiss beers.

Came home and began putting some items away. Am slowly accomplishing this seemingly endless task.


Bron said...

isn't precocious a negative term?

Jer said...

Nope. It can be negative, especially when used with sarcasm. But it can also mean, older than one's age, smarter than one's age, etc. I meant it in that fashion. The girls were speaking in a way that I expected from older kids. Jer