Tuesday, July 13, 2004

7/13 Rehearsal and Mike's Hard Lime

I thought that title would get you.

A bunch of us advanced-level workshoppers have practice every week. There are no workshops during the summer months, and we want to keep up our skills. New workshops will start in September and auditions for the Minor Leagues are in October. Everyone in my group, except for one person, wants to audition, so we're working hard. Yep, it's hard work but it's so darn fun too.

Yesterday we met for dinner at Noodles & Company, and then went to Jeff's business to practice. Afterward the gang went out for drinks, but I didn't join them. Decided to be responsible and not get to work too tired. What a dope.

During the rehearsal we drank Mike's Hard Lime (thanks, Christine). I'd never had it before, but my oh my it was good.


Bron said...

sounds rude to me

Jer said...

I know. Isn't it fun?