Saturday, July 24, 2004

7/24 Fall down, go boom!

Last night was great. I had dinner with Bron (my friend from the UK CSz team) and took her on a tour of the new arena. She stayed for one of the practice shows and we had fun. I stayed on for the second show as well. Got my first paycheck from CSz which was cool.

Today my foot was hurting so I stayed off of it for most of the day. Then at 4 I was bored and drove into CSz to do some work for the tournament. When I arrived, people's eyes lit up. Aha, an extra hand. I ended up using power tools. Cool. I drilled holes through plexiglass and T-shirts. It's an art.

Stayed for one of the practices, it was a tech run-through, so not as much fun as the other rehearsals. I said my good-byes about 9:15 PM to come home. Jen said someone needed to walk me to my car because the lights weren't good in the employee parking lot. Eric walked me out, we met Bogan outside. I said hi to him and fell flat on my face. Ah, the joy of being graceful.

I'm all scraped up. When I fall for a man, I fall hard.

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