Thursday, July 22, 2004

7/22 CSz First Show in New Arena

I did indeed work from home on Wednesday and experienced no foot pain. All I did was move from my recliner to my computer and back again. Such a life.

Then today when I did more walking, it hurt again. I must find a medical supply store that carries that correct brace for my foot.

Tonight was the first show in the new arena. Wasn't open to the public, because it was mostly to check on sound and lights, etc. But it was great. Not a bad seat in the house. I'll go again Friday and Saturday also.

Friday I'll get my first paycheck from my CSz job, so that will be fun. Plus I have to have my picture taken for the wall. All employees will have their pictures and biographies on the wall.

My friend, Bron, from the UK CSz is in Wisconsin. Her parents live in Madison and she's visiting there, but will come to Milwaukee this weekend to see the new Arena and probably will stay over at my place. It will be so nice to see her.

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