Tuesday, July 27, 2004

7/27 From Chicago to Lee's house

The conference went well. I conducted five interviews and the photographer took 600 pictures. We ought to get some usable material out of all that.

Drove from Chicago to my friend Lee's house in Brookfield. We had our regular Tuesday practice there instead of at Jeff's office. It was lots of fun. First of all, there was beer. Then there was Lee, Christine and Jeff (Scottie and Ann Margaret couldn't make it).  Jeff gave us a mini-workshop on gibberish, and we chatted away all evening. He did some research and came up with some excellent gibberish warm-ups and then we played games that involved the skill. Double entendres abounded. Lee's also a stand up comic and I haven't seen him perform yet. The rest of us plan to attend one of his shows, but need to get our schedules in synch.

Tomorrow I have a tournament committee meeting at 5:30 and a training meeting for staff at 7. Oh, and during the day I have my writing/editing job too. I think I'm tired.


Anonymous said...

Cha cha cha...cha cha chi cha cha....cha cha cha.



Jer said...

I hope Lee reads this, Jeff. From nylireJ htrazoB.